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Should I wash these huge pile of dishes even though they aren't mine?

Asked by chelle21689 (7272points) March 26th, 2010

My mom is out of town for three weeks…and I always end up being “the cleaner”. Came home and saw the sink PILED with sooo much dishes! It’s not mine…I don’t know who’s it is…probably brother’s, sister’s, dads, and no one is cleaning it.

I want to wash it but I don’t want to always have to do everyone’s dirty work. I’m already having to wash my brother and dad’s clothes while she’s gone…even though my brother is 20!

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LMAO how ironic. Fluther just told me “Sit back and relax, we will do the dishes for you today”

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Don’t do the dishes or the laundry. Who are you, Cinderella?

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I say you protest.

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Unfortunately, the one whom it bothers most is usually the one who does it. Do whatever makes you feel better.

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Wash what you need for yourself, dishes and laundry. If your family waved you goodbye to a dorm or shared apt. for college then I expect they’d be thinking you all would clean up after yourselves and maintain your own needs, too bad they are so complacent at home. Maybe they think you really like chores as some sort of mental exercise.~

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Do them, then present a bill to everyone else in the house for doing the work.

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ha! when dinner rolls around and they have nothing to eat with or on, just smile and go grab yourself some takeout.

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Pee in the sink.

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If you really don’t want to do it here’s a tip,look them straight in the eye,hands on hips,stern look on face,with bottle of washing up liquid in plain view.This works for my wife every time.No words necessary.

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My mom would die if she saw how high it was cuz she is kinda ocd. Always an empty sink before u leave home.

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Buy a package of paper plates, some cups, and some plastic utensils.

Wash the dishes one last time since no one else is willing to pitch in, then stash them somewhere where they cannot be found until your mom returns.

Talk with your family members and let them know that until she gets back they are to use paper plates/plastic cutlery and cups instead.

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Definitely don’t do their laundry.

On the other hand, are they doing chores too? Do they take out the garbage, mow the lawn, fix things, other supposedly man’s jobs? As long as they’re doing their share somewhere else, then it’s just a complaint about roles. If they’re not doing that, then they’re lazy bums, let ‘em wash their own clothes. Dishes you’re stuck with unless you don’t mind the potential bugs, mice, and rats they’ll attract.

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Throw them out. (Dishes or family; you choose.)

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Hate to say this but your mom might be the one to blame – she has spoiled everyone, maybe except you. ;-(

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she spoils everyone i think im just more considerate lol

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Do the dishes because no one cares


Start a “female dog” fire and make those gentlemen take responsibility for themselves (that is unless you don’t have much to do with your time and you stay at home while they are busy working. If they are in fact lazy I would suggest whipping them into shape.)

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My sister in law had the same problem with my brother and their kids not helping out. She went on strike and took care of herself only for a few days. They came around to the idea of helping out very quickly.

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Let it pile up, if someone complains just reply “Who am i, your fucking maid? I don’t see you doing shit so either we all work or nobody does.”

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If you believe in karma, then yes.

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Trying to understand you. You want the dishes done. But you don’t want to do them. It seems that the other members of your family also don’t want to do them, but don’t care if they get done.

I would say therefore the problem is yours. If you don’t want to do them, don’t. If you want them done and no one else is doing them, do them.

Which result is more important to you? That the dishes get done, or that you not do work you perceive as someone else’s?

Take a dish or two into some private space of your own, for you yourself to use. Wash your own dish and bring it back into your own private space. Eventually, when the rest of your family runs out of dishes for them to use, they’ll get done.

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If the others in the house are just being lazy, My sister did this once and it was effective.

Is there a marine recruiting station nearby? Go in and find a single marine, explain the situation to him or her. Offer a home cooked meal if (s)he will come to your house and help ‘motivate’ your family.

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I once lived with a bf in a house he shared with 3 other people and the kitchen rules were each person had their own set of dishes, silver and glassware they were responsible for, each usually kept the set stacked in their own rooms and this worked out pretty well for us all, pots and pans were obvious- use them, clean them and put them back cause there are others waiting.

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Wash enough dishes for yourself to use and keep them in your room. when there are no clean dishes someone will have to wash them.

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One suggestion is to make a phone call to whoever you feel is responsible. Tell them you need to talk to them about something personal or important to you. Request they meet with you at a certain time. When they show up, thank them for the 30 minutes of time they are giving you, and hand each a dish towel.

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Just do it and feel good about being so wonderful as to have washed the dishes even though they weren’t yours!

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How much does it affect you? If it bothers you that they’re in there, wash them b/c it’s not worth the energy constantly thinking about them. If it doesn’t bother you, just wash yours. They’re adults, they should take the hint unless they’re dumb dumbs.

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The generic answer is no, your brother’s mess is not your responsibility. But, as far as contributing to the family, the answer is yes. If I were in your situation I would wash them because I can’t stand to see dirty dishes piled in the sink.

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Oh, and you might need some dishes. There’s some incentive!

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Does your mother tolerate your brother and father leaving dishes everywhere she’s home, or do they clean up after themselves? If she does, then she deserves to come home to it. If not, hide remote, the car keys, and modem until they clean up after themselves.

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Think roaches and flies and rodents

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Put on some music. Do the dishes.
I find it to be one of the most relaxing and rewarding things I do.

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Pssh..I sure wouldn’t.

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Play it the Greek way! Start hurling them around and smashing them!

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LOL someone ended up washing the dishes. I’ll wash it next time cuz I feel bad for whoever washed it haha

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So, @chelle21689, did you get this resolved?

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