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Hair color question (details inside)

Asked by Jude (32134points) March 26th, 2010

I’m 37 with dark brown hair (auburnish/brown in the sunlight), have a fair complexion and grey/blue eyes. I now have a good amount of grey at the temples and as you can see in this picture some of the longer strands are grey (by my ear).

I want to color it, but, am not sure what color to go for. Suggestions?

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Unless you want a drastic change, why not dye it a color close to your natural hair color?

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Are you looking for a big change or just to cover tihe grey? I’m with @Allie, why not stickwith a color close to your own? It makes it much les likely that it will show as it starts to grow out. Sometimes, the color that is covering the grey appears a little lighter anyway and you can have a bit of a highlight effect.

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I would stick close to your natural color.It’s pretty .

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I always say go big or go home – platinum! I’m extremely pale with blue eyes. I went platinum and it was the best decision of my life. I know it looks “fake”, but it really takes away from my paleness (I personally believe). Just my opinion. But everyone loves a Marilyn. ;P

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Salon or the grocery store? If salon,consult with the salon-keeper.
I do the grocery store, with various outcomes. Most hair colorings will turn orangey with time and sunlight. Perhaps look for a “dark ash”-flavored non-permanent variety that says it lasts only up through a certain number of shampoos. This isn’t truthful (it’s a dye, not a paint); but it does fade over time, leaving the grey strands lighter and the un-grey strands a different tint than you expected; therefore, perhaps only dye the grey bits and the hair immediately next to them. Self-described permanent color can only be gotten rid of by cutting or overdyeing.
Dyeing also changes texture – it opens up the hair shafts a little and makes the texture rougher. For limp pathetic hair like mine, this is a boon. For “good” hair, it can be offset with lots of conditioner.

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I always had great luck with L’oreal dyes, lovely rich browns they make.

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Don’t make it obvious – make it the same. It’s easier and cheaper that way too.

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Why not just choose a color that will cover the grey, but leave your natural color alone. It is very nice.

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ha ha.. I’m sorry.. I just joined this website.. an I am really getting a kick out of it. I am 40 and have the same issue… but I like my hair color.. OK I have been pulling mine out with tweezers.. giggle. An so WHAT if I get 100 more for pulling them out. ANYWAY I have been thinking about just coloring just around my face.. have you thought about that? Don’t know about your hair but mine is as long and I REALLY don’t want to put anything on the ends of my hair if I don’t have to.

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My hair started to go this color when I was in my mid-twenties. I said the hell with it then, and I say the same now.

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I think a color like that would look absolutely beautiful on you. :)

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If it was me, I would stick to a color that was close to my natural color.

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I really like @DrasticDreamer ‘s (dark auburn) suggestion. Also, a deep chestnut could work as well.

(btw, you’re beautiful)

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I was also just gonna say chestnut.. but red-chestnut. I have greyblue eyes too, fair skin. Now my hair is supposed to be dark brown but the deep-dark-chestnut red always looked really cool and I’m thinking about dying my hair again with that colour. Here’s a pic;

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Not sure what I’m going to do, yet. Thanks for the responses, jellies. :)

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@DrasticDreamer That looks fabulous! How did you do that?

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I’m really diggin’ the color that you suggested, @DrasticDreamer. A definite contender (something similar to that). =)

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@jjmah Awesome! No matter what, post pics after it’s done? :)

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