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What website do you use to test whether you have internet connectivity?

Asked by Vincentt (8064points) March 26th, 2010

When the internet connection seems down, a lot of people try to check whether it’s a problem with that site or if the whole connection is gone. I usually use What do you use?

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i ping or at least try to.

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I use and google.

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I use Google or Yahoo.

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Any website that you usually frequent would do, even your home page should suffice and not to mention . . . Just make sure you hit the Browser’s Refresh button or F5 on your keyboard so that you’re not displaying a page that was cached in the system memory.

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Google. It’s quick loading, and I am impatient.

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I google something weird which would never be in my cache ( “manga barbie unicorns”).

Though I may switch to @lilikoi‘s suggestion, looks smart.

zomg Bob Mackie ‘Lady of the Unicorns’ Barbie by Mattel wtf

downtide's avatar It’s very reliable, and I can pretty much guarantee that if I can’t see the BBC it’s not them, it’s me.

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Usually Google, but sometimes I think it loads from cache. If I really want to be sure, I use Google to try to search for something I know I have never looked up before.

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I use Google for a quick, clean connection test, and or to check the speeds.

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Usually Google—it’s quick to load, and practically never down. I also use because it’s very easy to see whether or not it worked.

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