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Do you keep greeting cards people have sent you over the years?

Asked by LalenaMikala (57points) March 26th, 2010

I have kept lots of personal birthday and holiday cards from over the years, but they are really starting to accumulate! Do you hold on to stuff like that or throw them out?

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I have gon through mine (which were also starting to accumulate) and only kept the ones that meant something very special to me.

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Yeah I do…I don’t really know why though.

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I have every card my wife ever gave me, but usually no. I actually hate cards. I think they are a waste of paper and money.

The only other card I have is the birthday card my nephew gave me. It was the first card he ever wrote to me himself. It has his little kid writing. Cute.

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I don’t get many and I don’t give many, I’d rather take the time to write someone properly or better yet visit. With that said, I’m a pack rat, I’ve kept pretty much all of them. ^.^

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Not a single one. I’ve finally convinced most of my friends and family not to send them to me because it’s such a waste.

Edit: If I had children, I’m certain I’d keep theirs.

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Only the special ones from the wife & the kids.

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I don’t keep any, except for some of the christmas cards which get recycled into next year’s gift tags.

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what @ucme .said.

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I used to keep every card until my Mother died. I cleaned out her things and came across a lifetime collection of greeting cards,which amounted to thousands of cards.
I changed my ways and now have but a few special cards saved.

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I used to. But then I realized, “What for.” I’m just lugging around more stuff, and when I die, they’re going to get tossed out.

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In distant times past I used to but these days the privilege of ending up in my filing cabinet is only afforded to those cards that rate 10/10, for one reason or another…

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I did for many years. Several years ago I threw them all away. The sun has come up each day since.

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Everyone who knows me, knows not to get me a card. Don’t spend 5$ to have a Hallmark employee say something to me that you can do for free. If I get a card. I acknowledge it & it’s in the trash before the candles are blown out.

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Yes. A few of them were from relatives who have since died and it’s nice to know I have something of theirs with me still.

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Yes. Someday they will sell them on eBay as a Vintage lot when I’m dead.

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i don’t save every single Christmas card, but i do save special Christmas, birthday and other occasions. i have cards from when i was 10, and my mom has up in the attic, some cards she got when i was born. i have cards that people sent my grandparents, and they’re collector’s items, plus it’s nice to think that these cards meant something to my grandparents. i have a few boxes of cards that i have received over the years that i am saving. one day maybe they’ll mean something to my daughter. if not, no big deal, she can chuck them if she wants

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I do… most of the cards I’ve received over my lifetime are in a filing cabinet. Including a couple sent by some of my favorite Jellies.

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One exception to my ‘trash the card instantly’ rule. Those talking cards… I rip out the voice box, take the battery out to use for my Apple remote & then fiddle with the speaker until I get bored. Then it goes in the trash.

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