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Can I search for all the items on ebay at once?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10293points) March 26th, 2010

I would like to search for everything. Start working down from the top to see what I like. Maybe jump to midpoints sometimes, but in general I would want to see everything lumped together. How can I search this way?

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There would be so many hits that it would be pointless. There is an option on eBay to search for things about to end within a certain distance from you etc.

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Sure. Why not? The entire universe is in front of you right now anyway. Why limit yourself to just eBay?


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Welll… it depends.. look here is a few examples of my ebay saved searches:
sony ericsson w580* -dummy, Unlocked Located In: US Only Buy It Now, Include Store Inventory Items

(hologram, relic) belt* (l, large, xl, xlarge), Include Store Inventory Items

Now.. You don’t type in the “buy it now” you choose it from the tabs above listings
OR the .. “Include Store Inventory items” you choose it from the left hand side menu

SO say the second search above.. I am searching for a hologram or relic belt or belts in either a sz large or x large (but depending on how the seller wrote the title… so the results will give me all options or I should say most) with store inventory included

Hope this helps… your getting your ebay search crash course today.. Heck I sould copy what I just wrote.. think I can sell it.. ha ha.. NO I like helping. I’m like a walking search engine.

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NO… ebay will not list everything all at once. It will prompt you to choose from Categories where you can start searching for items.

And here’s the list of categories to choose from:

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It’s too large. It would take you a year or two to scan all of them.

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Not to mention all the listings that would open/end/change/be removed/etc. in the time it would take you to have a look at all of them. You could go through category by category if you liked, though that would take just as long.

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Well again I kinda agree by you really wouldn’t want to look at all that anyway. ha ha .. I think You rec’d the ans to your question. Have a good one… search… big :)

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