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Two male cockatiels mating, should I stop them?

Asked by kittybee (329points) March 26th, 2010

Ok, So my boyfriend and I got two male cockatiels two months ago, and all was going well, until just a few days ago when we got another one, a male… who has started having his way with our two boys. They dont seem to be in much distress, but it’s hard to tell. He just starts squeeking. Should we separate them? I dont think they’re in love…

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Let nature take its course unless you think they’re actually hurting each other.

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HUH?! Gay-dogs? I don’t get it! Mating? I’m so confused right now.. That’s not natural I would guess!

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@whyigottajoin Yes, it is natural.

And they aren’t dogs, they’re birds.

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no they won’t have babies but it’s ok

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If they are not hurting each other, I would leave them be.

@whyigottajoin Exactly why is it unnatural? Would you care to elaborate?

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They’re probably trying each other out for domination of the coop… Keep observing just to make sure the Alpha Male don’t get too physical and start tearing up the non-alphas.

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@whyigottajoin “Gay-dogs?” (?)

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Aren’t they supossed to hump their own sex?!

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OOOH I thought we were talking about dogs sorry Im outta here =P

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@whyigottajoin They’re just experimenting and as @njnyjobs said, competing for domination. My dogs did the same thing when they were young. They grew out of it, and so will the birds.

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@whyigottajoin @Chongalicious Or they’re gay. It happens in other animals, not just humans. Either way, it’s just as natural as anything else.

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@DrasticDreamer True! Forgot to mention that lol…and some people try to say it’s a “choice”...yeah. I think not!

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I never knew animals could even be gay.

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@whyigottajoin Well, this sounds weird…but one of my dogs has always had a thing for male cats. I’m not even joking!! Haha his first love died, and boy did he move on quick xD

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@Chongalicious cockatiels would not outgrow the behaviour. It is inherent in them to fight for dominance. It is only when an Alpa-Beta relationship has been established will the behavior tone down. The Alpha-bird will always exhibit the behavior just to make sure nobody forgets and young cockatiel(s) can be expected to continue to fight for the top position in the hierarchy as it matures.

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@njnyjobs That’s similar to the situation with my dogs..maybe I should have talked about establishing the dominance rather than “outgrowing”...that was misleading. Thanks for clearing it up!

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This thread is a whorl of stupid. By god.

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Tell them to stop messing with their atiels.

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Why spoil their fun…?

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@fiona my suggestion to you is to take the role of the Alpha-bird. Make it known to them that you’re the boss. Check out this website with a video presentation of how to tame a bird

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Don’t stop them. Just put on some techno for them. I don’t suppose you own a disco ball by any chance?

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@AstroChuck, oh, stop. They could just as well like Megadeth.

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As much as I disapprove of th spreading of bird AIDS I would leave them be, they are animals after all.

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@ChaosCross- Kind of an asshole comment, don’t you think?

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Nah, let ‘em have fun as long as no one’s getting hurt.

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@fiona, did you increase the cage size with the addition of the third male? I have to agree that this is an alpha behavior. Perhaps the new bird will need to have his own digs.

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Aww bless i’ve heard these birds are quite partial to a cock-a-too,leave them be.

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record it and put it on u-tube and leave a link here

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