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Your position on "Kyleigh's Law"?

Asked by crunchaweezy (1733points) March 26th, 2010

So just recently we here in New Jersey have passed a law that would require red decals for young drivers. This would identify the police whether they’re a young driver or not.

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I dunno. When are they going to make old people use them, too? I’m not being mean, just completely honest. Old drivers are just as unsafe as young ones, so that’s all I’m saying.

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I don’t see a problem with it. If the license for those under 21 is truly probationary, I think that’s a good thing.

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I agree Drastic, pedophiles and the ones with repeat offenses should be applying decals to their vehicles. I however won’t be tacking this onto my vehicle. Its a $100 fine and no points added to the license.

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haha in australia they have p plates- youngsters and ‘pisshead’s’ – really means provisional its it’s a sticker on the windscreen for all to see and a big giant P on the number plate

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@trailsillustrated Actually its illegal to have it in the windscreen these days, it has to be on the outside of the car. In my part of Australia we have three grades of young drivers – Learners must be accompanied by an instructor and show “L” plates, and then there are red and green provisional or “P” plates. I think it has positives and negatives. I try to cut learners some slack, because I remember what it was like when I was a learner and moved to the city. However there is a certain sector of society who feel the need to police the roads without any authority. I often had people cut in on me and then brake to slow me down, and then accelerate again when a gap opened up. The general perception is that P platers are deadly, so some people behave badly just because a P plater is nearby.

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hahaha p plates! we used to give em such hell ahaaha

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I don’t have a “position,” just a question.

Will they be a magnet for bullies looking for somebody to harass? Seems to me that the least experienced drivers are at risk for being targets for aggressive drivers who think it’s fun to block freeway entrances, crowd people into risky moves, and drive up your tail.

Unfortunately it’s also true that some of those troublemakers would be sporting red stickers.

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@trailsillustrated I’m sure you did, most people do. I’m over it though, I’ve only got a year left on Ps!

@Jeruba That happens regularly (or do I just have a victim complex?). I think the worst thing about it is that the police are too ready to blame a young driver. I posted a story on here last week where I almost got killed by a Land Rover that under steered into my lane in the wet, who I would have hit at 140km/h. The margin of error to cause the crash was a few centimetres, and there would have been no definitive way to prove who was at fault. I’m quite sure I would have been blamed though, simply because of the “P”.

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I don’t like the premise of it only b/c I can see it going too far. It’s young drivers now but who is it next?

I can also see it being abused in a way similar to what @Jeruba expressed.

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@FireMadeFlesh kidding really, we only laughed cause of the pisshead thing, p plates in pub carparks, not the learner thing…

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Much as I hate to agree with you, many older drivers don’t know when to quit. I have seen far too many older drivers demonstrate slowed reaction times, difficulty seeing, and difficulty making rapid decisions. Some states require drivers over a certain age to take a yearly driving test. I reluctantly agree that this is a good law.

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@trailsillustrated Its okay, I realise! Its just kind of hard to communicate that through text.

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Ya, and how about one for Asians. They can’t drive either.
And illegal immigrants are terrible drivers!
Oh, and alcoholics!
Also, women who do make-up while driving to work, or people who use cell phones.

Or maybe we can not lump people into catagories, and judge them for their skills.
I would support a red sticker on someone who has caused more than 2 accidents.

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Yeah, what @filmfann said.

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A lot of young drivers share cars with parents, friends, and siblings. :\

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And the point of identifying young drivers would be….? The point of intervention is the person providing the car keys for young drivers, not the police.

Red stickers, pink triangles, yellow stars…

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It might certainly make the younger drivers more careful, no drinking, drugs, dangerous activities, distractions, etc. while driving…although agree with person above who said it could make them targets. With driving, I think people become inured to the constantly changing variety of dangers at any time when they do so every day…and feel “capable” of quickly applying some mascara while cruising on a highway…it’s not a matter of intelligence we cannot do this kind of multitasking…it’s the nature of the dangers around us we need to be ever-vigilant of and ready to handle at a second’s notice…if we even get that!

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I’m o.k. with the law if they make a small change, they need to add the over 70 group for the required decal. I’ve seen too many old people obstructing traffic and ignoring stop signs to be comfortable with giving them unrestricted access on the roads. Besides teens seldom have night blindness, a common ailment of the elderly.

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Big mistake. That would just be a hint to pedophiles and perverts that a young person was out and about. They need to be more concerned with identifying rapists and murderers.

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