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Would you watch GNN?

Asked by rpm_pseud0name (8198points) March 26th, 2010

I came up with this idea a couple years ago & now I want to know what you folks think. After watching local news & world news back to back, it was an hour & a half of depressing news. Murder, car accidents, armed robbery, child abuse, house fire, you name it, it’s all there. Why the heck has no one come up with the Good News Network? Nothing but good stories. Not fluff pieces, genuine good news. Am I naive to think that there is enough good things happening in the country/world, that we could have a channel dedicated to good things? Even if we did, would you tune in once & a while? Would you watch the GNN?

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I would. The news is a BAD way to start your day.

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I would but it would have to be really real and not religeousy -sorry sorry—

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No, that sounds pretty boring. Sorry.

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I wouldn’t watch because it wouldn’t be a real representation of what’s going on.
There’s crappy things happening and we need to know what they are if we’re going to fix it.

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The current journalism market likes to sin idsaster. The GNN would spin feel-good stories. They’re still both narrowband journalism and both still full of spin. What I want is an almost boring, impersonal account of current important events.

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It’s sad but death, destruction, and murder make money. Even though people like to complain about it, “if it bleeds it leads”.

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I think I would. They would have to report on the normal stuff too, but have more good news than usual.

I had to figure out what this question because I just watched the movie Left Behind, and the main character is a newsguy for a news network called GNN. I think they were just doing a take off on CNN, but hey…they might’ve thought about what it would stand for.

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Yes, I think after a dose of bad and ugly and sensational-publicity-seeking news, I would love a bit of an antidote. Great idea.

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I see your Good News Network and raise you one

“Gospel” is said to be an older word for “good news.”

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