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Any 'gotta see' things at Emerald Isle NC?

Asked by majorrich (14689points) March 26th, 2010

We rented a house for next week and I really want to find a good local seafood restaurant. Anybody live nearby with suggestions?

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Hope this helps. Have a fun/safe week.

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About twenty minutes away is Sanitary Restaurant in Morehead City, NC. It is right next to the local docks and piers for the fishing fleet.

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Just the sand and the surf and the sea… and lots of bikinis! : D

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Up the road in Indian Beach is where most of the places to eat are. Make sure you swing by Crab Shack for your seafood fix.

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Well all these places mentioned are fine, but I love the Shrimp and Grits at Kathryn’s on Emerald Isle. For lunch, check out ChowdaHeads for the grouper sandwich.

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I love Emerald Isle it is by far my favorite NC beach! Last year I went twice and on the second trip we stopped at the Icehouse Waterfront restaurant, I was a little sketchy because the outside wasn’t the nicest, but the smell coming from the restaurant made me give it a chance. It was wonderful and I am very picky about my seafood. It is in Swansboro right before you get to the bridge to go into Emerald Isle.

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Just wobbled in about an hour ago Thanks for all the input! We did Sanitary and Captain Charlies they were both great!. Lots of deer on the island and actually got to watch a deer fight! It went on for 5 minutes easy! I tried taking pictures with an unfamiliar camera so we will see if I got any good action pics. The back yard of the the house we rented had a Lot o water in the back, but it was still super weather and had a great time. Definitely will be back.

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Glad you enjoyed the time in North Carolina.
When you come back in the summer go to the Fort Macon Park!

Did you have the chowder at Sanitary?

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