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Have you ever been hustled in a game of pool?

Asked by RealEyesRealizeRealLies (30938points) March 26th, 2010

I make one to three hundred dollars a week doing this part time. My job is to make you think you can beat me. In doing so, I must be very patient, and let you become somewhat intoxicated by the alcohol you win from me by beating me. In the process, I must make you believe that I am more intoxicated than you are. It’s really fun. After you’ve won $10 or so, I will brazenly challenge you to one game for $20 dollars to get all my money back. You always say OK. As I’m putting the coins in the table, I’ll make an off hand comment that we should go double to $40. You usually say OK, but sometimes say “Why not $60?”.

This game is crucial. At this point, I still cannot let you see me play well. I must make you believe that it was an accidental miracle that I won. And I will win. I might even make you loose (lose) by setting up the 8-ball so that you knock it in by accident. I will never cheat you. Everything I do is perfectly legal.

After you lose, I’ll brazenly suggest “double or nothing”. You usually say yes, but if you don’t, I’m still $20 – $40 ahead. It is this last game that I will suddenly wake up and play you for real. Sometimes after loosing, you’ll ask to go again same way.

If you’re a asshole, I’ll definitely play you again for anything you want to play for. If your cool, I’ll buy you a drink and leave. I’ll definitely leave before you if I sense you’ll be waiting for me in the parking lot.

Gotta keep moving in this game. I can’t frequent the same bar too many nights in a row. So it’s a circuit, so to speak. Another great opportunity is to find the tournaments, let them play it out, and challenge the guys who stick around after wards.

Have you ever been hustled in a game of pool? It doesn’t happen in just one game. It takes a few to be set up for the hustle. Have we met?

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The fact that you misspelled ‘lose’ as ‘loose’ throughout this entire story made it considerably more humorous.

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uh yes… have we met? thanks for the tip.

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Just in Pocket Pool. And boy did I get taken.

What a chump I was.

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oh yeah… pocket pool… Hope you didn’t loose (lose) too much

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No. I can barely hit the cue ball. I will admit though, that I have thoroughly enjoyed the men that stood oh so close behind me while they tried to “teach me”. Perhaps I’m playing another game altogether, but yeah I usually get a few balls somewhere. What were we talking about again?

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So you’ve got your own hustle… Nicely done!

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*** giggles and winks **** So you tell me. Have me met?

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Due to my absolute inability to play pool, no, I have never been snookered.

Ok, I have played pocket pool.

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@escapedone7 damn gurl… you just made me miss my shot

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@Arisztid Believe it or not, you don’t have to be any good at all at pool to win. You just need to be a little bit better than the person you are playing.

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I never have because there’s no way anyone can play worse than me.

The only way someone could lose to me is to have enough patience to play 24 hours of felt-ripping, stick-breaking, ball-launchingly horrible pool! :-p

If there comes a day when I don’t scratch on the break, I’ll know for that one shot I was twice as good as I ever was before. :-D

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Your story is too long so I will guess with my answer. :) No, I win at Marco Polo overtime.

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I’m called a hustler’s hustler. I get hired by some upscale bars with tables and my job is to out hustle guys and women like you. We see the move and when the mark falls I step in to to take a game with you before you can split. Oh, and believe me you’ll take the game. And you may or may not try to pull your shit. Either way I win and we never see you again. Have we met? You bet.

by the way, I respect your talents and understand you are doing nothing illegal. You’re just bad for our type of establishment

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Nah way too good for that shit.I’d beat you with a jaunty smile on my face.I’d tell you to keep your money, it wouldn’t be fair otherwise.

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My dad is a pool shark / hustler, so not really. I kind of learned to recognize them. Of course he’s led me on, too, but he’d never take money from me.

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No,I am a lousy pool player and won’t bet on it.
I have however ,KSA in golf and my opponent almost always thinks because I don’t show any signs of being serious that they can win.It’s interesting to watch their reaction when they lose ;))In my experience,women handle it so much better,btw

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I’ve never been hustled, but my best girlfriend and I used to act like we were pathetic players (we’d really put on the pathetic, girly insecure player act…such fun) and bet guys for drinks. Then we’d put on the hustle (we weren’t amazing, but we were good enough by the time they had had enough to drink.) We never paid for drinks.

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My sweet, Korean college roommate was a pool hustler. It was fascinating and she made a boatload of cash off the locals in our college town. She actually treated it like a part-time job. I don’t think she would describe it in quite the romantic and mysterious way you have, here. She’d simply walk in the door, shake her head and comment on ”how many fuckers she took down ” that night. Then she’d throw an impressively huge wad of cash on the desk and move on.

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I once lived on site for a year with 3 pool tables. I got ridiculous good at it. I enjoy the game to much to ever have put money on it, but I’m sure I could hustle if I got regular practice in and got my skills back up to par again.

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