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Is it euro to say "hehehe" and us/anglo to say "hahaha"?

Asked by anartist (14779points) March 27th, 2010

I see this a lot on Facebook and maybe on Fluther although I don’t know where everyone is from on Fluther since most speak English on the threads I’ve participated in.

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Girls say “hehehe”

Guys say “hohoho”

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I am European.
I say “hahaha” when i think you said something very funny.
I say “hehehe” when i see what you did there, it’s quite funny, but i’m not laughing out loud.

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I am US/Anglo.
Guys say: “Ha ha ha”
Girly girls say: “Tee hee hee”
Santa says: “Ho ho ho”
Perverts say: “Heh heh heh”

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@rebbel hahaha =LOL? hehehe is more like “very clever”?
@DarkScribe where are you from?
@worriedguy what do womanly women say?

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@DarkScribe where are you from?

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@worriedguy what do womanly women say? how do i get rid of these?

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I love the little wikipedia detours if you thank yourself or add yourself to your fluther—ben and Andrew
hahahahehehehohoho and hurrhurrhurr

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Spanish people say “jajaja”.

I’ve seen European say “hahaha” and “hehehe”.

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@worriedguy oh hell I’m a pervert

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One of the first things that ever attracted me to the man who is now my husband was the fact that he always wrote “hehehe.” It gave me a mental image of this big masculine guy giggling like a little kid. I found it to be so engaging and endearing.

He is aussie.

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I’ve consulted with the proper authorities (my wife) and she says I say “hahaha” when I think I’m being funny and “hehehe” when I’m trying to be cute… or evil.


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@anartist DarkScribe where are you from?

I am in Australia but I was raised all over the world – England, Canada, the US, Europe and Asia. I have multiple passports but consider myself Australian.

(The hehehe and hohoho was a pun – he – male ho – woman of easy virtue.)

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To the Dutch it’s also definitely “hahaha” for normal, sincere laughing.

I’m now wondering how the French write it.

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I’m now wondering how the French write it.
Ribbit Ribbit Ribbit Ribbit

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I think I qualify as european and I use both – and I think @rebbel nailed the descriptions (I very rarely laugh out loud at chats/emails/forums and therefore refuse to use that abbreviation)

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@worriedguy heh heh heh,
I think your right.

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I’m a weeabo and I say “w”.

Just kidding. But maybe someone will know what I’m talking about.

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@ragingloli HURR HURR HURR
@rebbel this matches what I see on Facebook from my friends and their friends
@DarkScribe missed that first time around, but <3ed it the second.
@wonderingwhy vedry euro!

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I hate “hehehe”, my ex-boyfriend used to say that on msn-messenger when I said something funny. He was Ukrainian..

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Hahaha hehehe & a couple of tra lala’s,That’s the way they do it in Oz anyway.Sounds good to me.

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If you are a pirate, you say har har har matey.

If you are a yokel you say haw haw.

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@ucme the herto of the day I’ll follow you all the way to Oz

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@wildflower this one is making me lol, not quite fomcl though

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i usually just say hahaha

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@neverawake and where are you from?

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@Fyrius The French do not laugh; they snort. :-)

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As a total non sequitur, to confuse the issue, the English have a landscape design element they call a haha

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@anartist hehe about the haha!

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@absalom you may love sushi but I still don’t get the “w”

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I use both for different reasons. “haha” is my general laugh. “hehe” is used as nervous laugh, a sly laugh, a small laugh, etc.

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A womanly woman goes: “ha ha ha”. Pianissimo.

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@susanc actually I thought yokels said HeeHaw

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@rebbel got it right. ;-)

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The Koreans write “kekeke”, by the way.

Usually while zerg rushing your base.

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@Fyrius “Zerg rushing”?

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It’s a move in Korea’s national sport StarCraft where you flood an enemy base with huge armies of cheap units. While playing with the Zerg species, to be precise.
Since StarCraft can be played on the internet with people from anywhere, the combination of this Korean laughing orthography and zerg rushing has become a bit of an internet meme.

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Oh, to be in my 20s again!

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Was born in Europe, France to be specific, but living in Canada most of my life has fashioned my laugh to be such as hon hon hon mon esti!

Seriously though, I don’t think it matters or means anything how you type out laughing, especially not with the lol’s, lmao’s, rotfles or omgwtfbbq11!!111!!11one which litter the Internet, and aye, the world.

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here in spain its jejeje or jajaja

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Here in Germany….Nevermind. Germans do not laugh.

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@poisonedantidote that’s because of the pronunciation of “j” right?

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@ragingloli I’ll bet at leaste of them ges HURR HURR HURR a lot . .

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I have an untranslated Franco-Belgian comic book here where someone laughing is written as ”HA! HA! HA!


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@anartist I say hehe, because it is a lighthearted laugh. Where haha, is like taunting someone. Like kids would say when some other kid they don’t like very much gets hurt. haha you got what was coming to you.

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