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Could the Meta section have its own RSS feed?

Asked by jrpowell (40494points) March 27th, 2010

Right now it just uses newborns for RSS. And it looks like that applies to all categories.

Why I ask this is that I wanted to make something like this that aggregates all the feeds. It would be trivial to write and would be for personal use. And I know about caching. It will be kind.

Or you could do it and save me the trouble. :-)

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Would it only display if you go to the Meta section? I feel like we have enough stuff on the homepage already. Can’t it just be made part of regular RSS feed?

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@janbb :: I was thinking that I could add the Meta (and others) RSS feed to this. Right now it looks like shit in a desktop browser. But it looks fab on the iPhone. I could add navigation bar to switch between them.

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I guess I’m not a big fan of RSS feeds – too much info clutter – so I’m not a good person to weigh in on this.

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We definitely should revisit the RSS feeds and update them.

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