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Do Women fall in Love with Women but don't follow it due to Social pressures?

Asked by joscketSeper (323points) March 27th, 2010

Some people claim that Women who are straight cannot fall in love with another Woman. But then why would they want to meet their female friends so much, why do they like to be with eachother so much. Isn’t that a feeling of attraction? Cal it what you want, but what is the difference between a very very close friend and a girlfriend. You would probably say “no, straight women don’t want to have sex with eachother” fine! but who said for women to fall in love with eachother , there needs to be sex? not all women want sex. Who said you can’t fal in love with personality.

And moreover for women, Women are beautiful and according to what people have answered in other questions in other forums, many straight women admire and are attracted to women.. even if they don’t follow the desire.

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“Love” is a word that wears many hats. You can love someone and not want to have sex with them, sure.

You love your mom, but if you wanted to sleep with her, you’d probably also be a serial killer.

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Friendship is different from love even very close friendship. I think two women can be very good friends, but not be in love.

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I think that it’s possible, but I also think that that gay/bi exploration is something that many younger people are doing these days, more of a fad thing for those that are not truly gay.

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This is one reason they invented the term “in the closet.”

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I think we are attracted to many people in our lives for various reasons. But they are not sexual. I find many of my friends “attractive” and I am attracted to them because of certain qualities they have. Or many of them possess beauty, which is attractive. I’ve also experience great intimacy with women of a none sexual nature, simply because I do not want to have sex with them, yet I share personal intimacy about who I am, I am myself, they love and accept me for whom I am. In fact most of my healing relationships have not been the meeting of a SO but rather deep friendships. I would rather not look for healing in a SO but instead present at least a partially healed person to a mate I would want to stay with.

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@Just_Justine SO.. Im thinking but I can’t figure out what you mean by that.

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@whyigottajoin significant other (partner) boyfriend /girlfriend

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@Just_Justine Ok ty, I knew it was something simple, I was just thinking “Soul Mate? No.. can’t be it” =P

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Yes and I have been guilty of this a couple of times now… but no longer ‘in the closet’...There’s a lot more than social pressure… family pressure, religious pressure…all sorts…

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I believe it, a lot.

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Spending lots of time with someone doesn’t necessarily indicate romantic love. Maybe they love each other platonically. Do you romantically love most of your close friends? Didn’t think so.

With that said, it’s entirely possible for a woman to be in love with her friend but not to act on it due to social pressures or fear of rejection.

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I think many men love other men but never follow it either.
But I’d say it’s more common in women because our sexuality and our ability to love is more…well…fluid. While a man’s sexuality is typically more rigid. Mostly due to public pressure.

I have plenty of “girlfriends” that I wouldn’t mind cuddling with and whatnot. And if they ask something more romantic of me I might grant it.

And I consider myself straight.

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Yes. Simply because they’re afraid of other people’s opinions. It’s normal, but following what you believe in is really what matters. I support everyone to do what they really believe in DESPITE all those racist people, who discriminate, and hate others who aren’t just like them. Don’t let others ruin your path.

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@squidcake I think you’re a hamburger away, girl :)

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No, not in my case at least.

Just because I enjoy hanging out with a friend (good friend) doesn’t mean I will eventually start developing sexual feelings for her. For me, that sounds like a dog who can’t control himself and will start humping every leg in sight. I think a lot of us have boundaries not due to social pressures, but just because we pride ourselves on having control of ourselves. I mean, just because we can do it, does it mean we should?

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