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Girl talk: My period only lasts 3 something wrong?

Asked by melanie81 (792points) March 27th, 2010

Hey girls (and guys, I suppose, if you’re curious about this sort of thing) – I’ve always thought I was just blessed with short periods, but the other day I wondered if something might be wrong. Seriously – 3 days and that’s it. Granted, the first couple of days really suck – got the cramping and mood swings and everything that goes with it…but then it’s done after 3! I’m always pretty regular too, every 28 days.

Could this be an indication of something worse in my body?

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Not at all – everybody has different menstrual patterns. Don’t worry at all about it!

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Not at all, I know one woman who has a one day period. Some a ten day. I guess the only time to worry is if there are major changes in your period.

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maybe. maybe not.

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Are you on any form of chemical (pill) birth control?

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No that seems pretty normal to me. My period last around 4 days.. The first two days I bleed alot and I have cramps, hormones, moodyness. Then the third and 4th day its only a little.. 5th day usually no more blood.

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I’m so jealous :( If only they lasted 3 days

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Totally normal, especially if you are an athlete.

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Yep, you’re good. I’m the same way. Every 29 days, like clockwork.

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Yes, it sounds like this is just your normal cycle, especially since it’s the same number of days in between (28). But just to make sure, you should ask your doctor about it. If you have had a gyno exam with normal results, then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Good luck.

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Are you on birth control? I know when I’m on it my bc makes mine last about 3 days

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There is nothing wrong with your period, it’s normal for some to last only three days.

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That sounds fantastic, I wouldn’t think theres anything wrong with it, be happy. If you have a real concern ask your dr.

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One of my best friends has a three day cycle. She has a yearly exam and the doctor told her years ago that it’s perfectly normal. Everyone is different.

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Sounds normal. Enjoy the other 25 great days. :D

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Not at all. Menstrual cycles vary from woman to woman. Be thankful that you have a short one!

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Nope; you’re just fine.

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Thanks for the responses! I am definitely thankful….

@chelle21689 @gailcalled Nope, not on birth control.

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Three is actually the textbook number of days that it should last. :] So hakuna matata! Wish I were that lucky. :P

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