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Success in life. What does it mean for you?

Asked by Ranimi23 (1911points) March 27th, 2010

I hear all the time people who pride themselves on their success in life. Success in a career, success at school or college, success in finding love and the most popular one – Success in earning a lot of money.

I see success as self-fulfillment. Waking up in the morning and going after my dreams and ambitions.

What is success for you?

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If you do what you love, you never work a day in your life… success.

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Having good health. Nothing means anything without your health.

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Peace of mind.

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Similar to what you said, it’s waking up every day and doing something, no matter how small and undesirable, that I know will build towards my long term ambitions. It’s also conquering the little battles that I have on a daily basis against my social frailties. Stuff like finally being able to ask that girl in accounting out or finding the nerve to get up in front of people for a speech.

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A genuine sense of well being.

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Not having to worry about my future.

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Success is relative.Happiness is key.

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To reach your goals, love others well, and glorify God in all my being.

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Living in a shack I build myself in the middle of the forest several miles away from society.
And being able to support myself somehow while living that way.
That would be ‘success’ for me.

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For me success is when you are doing good at school, because thats the most important thing…and then when u finish school u could be even more succesful by finding a good job, a house of your own, a nice car, and then start a family:) an d always remember to love them first :)

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Success is being true to yourself..without that you can never be true to another or a situation.

Being authentic and doing the wprk of self knowledge is the most important measure of success any human being can attain.

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Success for me is having a positive influence on those around me.

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wanting to go to be bed and cuddle myself to sleep with a smile and nod and a hello honey pot

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To me success is being content every day with the fact that you could die tonight.

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Being a good person.

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Being sucessful (to me) means living up to my own expectations not anyone else’s.

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If I can do two things: Be scared, but do it anyways, and allow myself to be scared, but not nervous. Those two things will be enough for me to call myself a success.

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For me, being successful would be:
-Going to a good college and graduating with a degree in something to do with photography
-Getting a job as a cameraman (or woman, in my case), or maybe a photographer at Walmart even. Anything with photography.
-Finding a good guy that loves the Lord as much as I do and getting married to him.
-Having kids and being a good mom to them.

But now I’m dreaming. I’m only 13. That’s a long way out there! Things could change drastically. All I know is that I’m not going anywhere colder than Minnesota.

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doing what you like and liking what you do. achieving the “impossible”. going out of your way for other. helping others. trying hard. reaching your goals. being yourself despite other people’s opinions.

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There are certain benchmarks we want to make by certain ages or periods of life. They are different for everyone. The most important aspect to a feeling of success for me is peace; not events and actions of the past that may have contributed to it, nor accumulated wealth. I feel less peaceful right now than I have in the recent past. Uncertainty and loss are very disruptive; the uncertainty will subside, and I know the loss will simply take time. This is just where I am on the life circle.

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At this point, it’s just a matter of getting the winning Lotto numbers.

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My success is defined by the trail of irrevocable change I leave in my wake. I’m successful only so far as how much I change the world.

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I used to think Success was lots of money, possibly fame. I now believe Success is being totally 100% happy with what you have got, and where you are.

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According to me , there is no destiny to success….

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work with smile

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Fulfilled in my work, loved, and being of service to others.

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Be happy & make people happy.
Even if you get hurt from people,Be happy always

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being out of debt and helping others in need.

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For me it is peace of mind. Then joy, I reckon there are lots of variables that would or could give me that state of mind and feeling, of which I cannot seem to attain.

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Finding a fulltime job with benefits. Happiness would be sure to follow.

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