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Do crabs get "The Bends" when harvested from the ocean floor?

Asked by talljasperman (21822points) March 27th, 2010

I just watched “The Deadliest Catch”.... and I was wondering do the crabs get “The Bends” or something similar when they get scooped up from the Ocean floor?

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I think their circulatory systems are different from ours…......

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Has anyone ever asked them if they do?

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@janbb go ahead and ask… I’ll wait

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@susanc maybe we can train crabs to do deep sea missions

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How do you know they don’t?

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@talljasperman I wonder If GreenPeace knows this

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They might. There’s always a certain amount of dead loss.

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@Captain_Fantasy so If the ships where to reel-in the catch slower the dead loss might be lower…the ships could yeild more with less throws?

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Yeah the lobsters & the jellies get together afterwards & piss themselves laughing at those loser crabs.Allegedly.

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From what I’ve learned of crab fishing from the show you’re watching, it would probably take too long to allow the crab to properly depressurize. It doesn’t seem like the crab-bends is much of an issue for these guys. We’d have heard about it on the show by now if it was.
Also, Phil Harris was awesome. He checked out far too early.

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@Captain_Fantasy Well I guess someone will have to invent a pressurized crab cage… and rake in the profits from live crab…

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@talljasperman I call dibs on the invention

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@Captain_Fantasy- How does the voice of Baloo the bear fit into this thread?

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No, of course not. Since they don’t breathe “air” as we do, then they don’t have to worry about nitrogen bubbles in their bloodstream. It’s the nitrogen in air that causes “the bends”. Hard hat divers breathing oxygen have much less decompression to undergo when coming back to the surface (but still some, because there is always some nitrogen to deal with).

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@CyanoticWasp thanks…you saved me the trouble and embarrasment from building a presssurized crab cage

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