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What is the taste difference between Maine & all other lobsters?

Asked by rpm_pseud0name (8193points) March 27th, 2010

I’m from Maine. I also can’t stand the taste of lobster. Our world seems to have this obsession with ‘fresh Maine lobsters’. Could lobster lovers please tell me what it is exactly, that makes a Maine lobster taste better than any other lobster? Growing up, I was told they have a better taste because of our cold coastal waters the lobsters live in. But what is the taste difference?

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I was raised on a chicken farm and I can’t stand eggs so maybe there’s something in that. I pretty much have only had Maine lobster when I’ve had lobster but for me the difference is between having lobster fresh off the dock in Maine and at a seafood restaurant in New Jersey. And the difference between those is freshness.

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@rpmpseudonym: I enjoy ripping into a juicy lobster and I have eaten more than my fair share of them. I think the key word is “fresh” not “Maine”.

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the secret is ice-cold water that’s somewhat cleaner than in other places, along with a long tradition of treating the lobster right. It makes their flesh grow firmer and tastier.

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I’m from Maine and I love lobster. I wouldn’t want to get it from anywhere else. I guess it’s kind of the same thing as oranges. Everyone wants to say their oranges are from Florida and that must automatically mean they’re fresher (although after that frost I’m not so sure that anyone wants to admitt this anymore). The whole east coast is known for seafood, Maine just claims lobster. Plus, would you want a California lobster? Do they even exist over there?

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Rock lobster (warm water lobster) just tastes yucky. Maine lobster is sweeter.Maine lobster = cold water lobster – just superior taste.

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