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Was he trying to get my attention?

Asked by TheOnlyException (2182points) March 27th, 2010

(My third and LAST question regarding his behaviour, then I will leave all you lovely helpful people well alone!)

I was walking down the hall chatting to my friend and I saw him walking in my direction from the corner of my eye. I usually say hi to him, but I didn’t think I was going to as I was busy chatting to my friend, so I thought he would just walk by.

But as he got nearer I heard him say ‘nice hat’, not too loudly, I almost didn’t hear it, but he was clearly messing around/joking, and he smiled. I yelled “I’m sorry?!” really sarcastically, and smiled over my shoulder and I saw him look back and grin/chuckle at me, before walking on.
I couldn’t help smiling to myself afterwards.

But I have heard guys do different things to get a girl they like’s attention, some are as simple as adjusting their tie in front of her and hoping she notices the flash of movement and looks over, and others act crazy and boisterous. This was sort of in between the two extremes.

He usually teases me quite a lot, he is more an acquaintance than friend, but I adore his company. He is quite flirty I guess.

But in that instant, in the hallway, do you think he was trying to get my attention because he likes me? (To put it bluntly haha)
Did he want me to look over at him because he is interested in me?

(And, I know this sounds SO INCREDIBLY up myself, I apologise, please don’t call me out on it, I can’t help it, but he knows my friend also as an acquaintance like he does me, and he doesn’t mess with her like this, and in that moment he didn’t bother acknowledging she was next to me, he just interacted with me alone.)

Okay I’ll stop typing now, gotta hit the hay in a little while anyway

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It’s really the same question and the answer is still yes, he probably likes you. Isn’t this kind of question what your girlfriends are for? They were in my day.

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Was the guy who threw a shoe at bush trying to get attention?


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Ah, janbb, it is SO embarrassing discussing guys I like with girlfriends, I feel childish and stupid. I just want clear responses from people I don;t know, and thus aren’t trying to please me. Thank you for still bothering with my questions :)

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@TheOnlyException Sure thing, sweeite. But if you can’t discuss silly things with your girlfriends, what good are they?

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I think he likes you.Ask him out and see what he thinks of that ;)

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@janbb Everything else! Haha, I just feel like one of those annoying girls out of bad teen movies. My own predispositions really, I prefer trying to take a mature approach when it comes to matters of the heart. :)

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he definetley likes you

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Your hat caught his attention and he let you know it…now it would only be fair if you reciprocated. You know you want to…just do it!!

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I’m guessing that he likes you, and the reason why he teased you and did that is because you hadn’t given him any attention. If you think about it, the “fix the tie and do a noticeable movement to get your attention” is kind of the same as the “tease you and get you to respond even though you’re talking to your friend because I want to get your attention” excuse. You don’t give him attention, and he wants to interact.

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Yes, he likes you.

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Yes, I believe he likes you. Would there be any other reason for him to catch your attention in such a manner?

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Thank you everyone for all your answers they have been really helpful, I might just give him some attention of his own ;)
Thanks again everyone!

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