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Im getting married at the court house too, is there any web sites i can go to see wedding dresses that are more affordable?

Asked by Ludy (1499points) March 27th, 2010

we have to get married soon,(because my legal status in the country) and we want to save a little but still look good

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Go to a consignment store. Great stuff, way cheaper.

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How about a nice white sundress, maybe with spaghetti straps or strapless? If you stay away from “wedding dresses” per se, you should be able to find a very reasonably priced dress to wear.

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I’ve probably made this suggestion about a million times, but I can’t say enough about J Crew’s wedding selection. The dresses are gorgeous and you could easily find one with a classic design that you could wear for other occasions. Also, look at the bridesmaid’s dresses and see if any of them come in white. Congratulations!

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Are you wanting a wedding-wedding dress or just a nice dress? I thought JCrew kind of expensive.

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don’t wear a ‘wedding dress’ to a court house wedding. How about a smart light coloured suit and hat. Knee length skirt. Bridesmaid can wear the same, different colour. Don’t forget the corsages.

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