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Is it safe for everyone to drink from the same cup?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) March 27th, 2010

On communion day at my church, everyone comes down to the altar and takes a bite of bread and a sip of wine from the same goblet. I will admit that this tradition has been taking place for years, without any significant health problems. but, is the church goblet safe from bacteria and spreading disease? i have never heard of anyone becoming ill, because of this tradition.

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My church had ½ sized shot glasses. I think it might have been Charles Shaw too.

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Captain F,,,,shot glasses? church?

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Honestly no, technically it is not sanitary, this is why most churches distribute juice or wine in small personal cups instead of one big goblet for everyone.

But of course, I am not sure if Christ would allow his blood to get contaminated lol.

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If there is enough alcohol content there may at least be some self-sanitation. I would risk it so long as the goblet wasn’t being passed around in Jeremiah Wright’s church.

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Som of Alberta’s churches stopped when the threat of H1N1 was around. Personal cups just seems like a better idea.

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No seriously! They had a tray of half sized individual portions. It was roughly half the size of your avg shotglass. They didn’t call them shotglasses, that’s just me.
There was an acoltye carrying a tray of full glasses and an acolyte carrying a tray for the empties. In hindsight, that seems like the best way to keep your congregation from contaminating each other.
Per the question, no everyone drinking from the same cup is pretty gross. Why don’t I just drink out of the toilet?

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I asked this question when I was in religion class to be confirmed. I was told “God blesses the blood of Christ so you can’t get sick.” I was a pretty faithful Catholic at that time… but even then I was a bit iffy on that answer. I’m fairly certain they still use about 5 big goblets at that church.

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Capt. F….....i agree with the individual glasses. i wonder who has the job of washing those small little wine glasses?

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They had a dishwasher. I think it was a Maytag. It was someone’s job I’m sure.Probably the acolytes.

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There’s disposable ones are 1½ inches high.

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We take communion by intinction. We break a piece of bread and dip into the wine rather than everyone drinking out of the goblet.

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@thriftymaid that’s how we do it. too. I think I’d have to pass on everyone drinking out of the same chalice. I can’t believe anyone does that anymore. OR we have the little “shot glasses.”

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No. It’s discusting. Just imagine, the person could have herpes, a virus, cold, or something else like that.

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I would rate it about as safe a tongue kissing a crack whore. Sooner or later you are going to catch something nasty. When I was a kid, flu would go through the congregation like wildfire – one Sunday all pews full, a week later only a handful of people taking mass.

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My childhood church used the half sized shot glasses and they used grape juice and wafers.
I’ve never heard of goblet use but I would not share a sip. I would make arrangements for myself ahead of time if I knew a goblet was being passed. My immune system isn’t strong enough to put myself at risk.

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You are drinking alcohol which kills germs. Trust in God.

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@galileogirl Trust in God.

Jesus trusted in God. Look what he got in return.

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Well we all have Daddy issues.

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@galileogirl Not true at all. We use grape juice. And even if we did use real wine, I still wouldn’t do it. There’s no amount of alcohol to protect a chalice from that many mouths.

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