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Has anyone on Fluther ever attended a "Become financially dependent & make a ton of money with my sure & proven plan",work shop ?

Asked by Pretty_Lilly (4655points) March 27th, 2010

I have always wondered whether they are legit or just scams.
I’m talking about those late night infomercials telling the story of how some guy was living paycheck to paycheck and stumbled across and/or designed a quick and easy method/plan to make money hands over fist with minimal investment and is willing to teach me how to do so,in one of his free work shops coming to my area ???!!
*That makes as much sense as me going on TV,claiming while hiking through the mountains,I stumbled upon a site containing gold nuggets and now I will show you where it is and how to dig them out so you can become rich just like me,why in the world wouldn’t I just keep my mouth shut ,“NOT” share the wealth and become even richer !

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No, if I find myself in that sort of mood I’ll watch the comedy channel.

Of course they are scams – usually they try to sell you property that they have bought or developed to make money from.

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If I had the secret to make millions I would use it to make millions. I wouldn’t sell the idea for 99 bucks.


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I took an on-line course from The Motley Fool. Many of my co-students thought MY investment ideas were wonderful. The Motley Fool took $30 from my wallet: at least they have a good scheme.

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I think these commercials have found that of all the millions of viewers who watch it, there is statistically enough people who are duped enough to respond and pay for their television advertising. Sadly.

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There is never a quick and easy way to make money.

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@Just_Justine There is never a quick and easy way to make money.

John Dillinger would probably disagree with you.

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@DarkScribe well generally not. Following sound financial rules and advice is the way to go. Then hopefully a bit of luck, an inheritance, possibly even innovation.

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I think it was meant to read financially independent

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