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What products do I use on dry, damaged hair?

Asked by HAMSTER_OF_FATE (4points) March 27th, 2010

I recently bleached my hair and since then it’s been damaged pretty bad. It’s really dry and it just doesn’t feel right. What hair products would help me?

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I’ve never used it myself, but you can try coconut oil. I’ve seen it in the organic/natural area of my supermarket, or you may have to go to a more specialized natural market.

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Can you tell us what youre using now?


Right now, I’m just using regular crappy shampoo and conditioner. Needless to say, I need something better.

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colesterol , it comes in a jar, and is prety cheep, you can find it in most beauty supply stores

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@HAMSTER_OF_FATE This sounds gross, but you can buy a lot of hydrating creme which is pretty cheap for your hair. (I buy the Sunsilk Hydra TLC 24/7 Creme) You can find this at walmart. If you’ve got some spare time, just put some in your dry hair and leave it there for a while, maybe wrap it in a towel and wash it out later in the shower.
You could also try nexxus shampoo if you don’t mind spending a little extra.. but maybe you should just get a consultation with a salon.
There are also lots of oils you can use for your hair. John Frieda makes a lot of nice products that could help dry hair.
(I don’t do hair or anything, I’m just speaking from experience ;P )

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AVEDA – Damage Remedy Treatment
You can use it by itself, or with the rest of their range.
It will DEFINITELY fix your hair.

it fixed my hair…for a while there I looked like a scare crow, now my hair is beautiful again

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Have you ever seen the Infamous scene from “Something About Mary”

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I’ve heard good things about Aveda, too. I used olive oil when i had long hair- that worked. I’ve also heard of putting mayonnaise on for a few hours or overnight.

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I saw on a show once – I want to say Dr. Oz, that someone suggested olive oil. Not tons….but like a monthly treatment. I know that one of the other moms I knew when my son was little, used to treat her son’s scalp with baby oil once a month? I think she said for cradle caps? Maybe that’s just for babies though?

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Nexxus Humectress, used sparingly. It’s powerful stuff.

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You no what works GREAT, INfusium leave in treatment for damaged hair, without it my hair feels like horse hair, when i use it, its silky soft

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All of these are tried and true, inexpensive and available at your local drugstore. I’d recommend the ones later on the list as your first course, then use the Neutrogena or Aussie Three Minute every few days.

Neutrogena Daily Deep Conditioner

Cholesterol treatment

VO5 Hot Oil Treatment

Aussie Three Minute Miracle

Henna and Placenta

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yes the three min. miracle is good, but im tellin you yhe infusium. i cant live without. i swear by it. its like the best thing ever made for damaged hair.

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Put olive oil on your hair and wrap in a hot towel. After 20 minutes shampoo.

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jojoba oil
brush it 100 times a night with a boar bristle brush

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You should incorporate protein and moisture in your regimen. Start with a pre-shampoo treatment like Burt’s Bees Avocado pre-poo. That stuff works great. Then use a strengthening treatment mixed with your moisturizers. Do this consistently and make sure you part the hair so every section is treated evenly. Finally follow up with a light nourishing oil blend like Gleau Nourishing oils. It’s light, helps to seal the moisture in and doesn’t weight the hair down. It has ceramide containing oils like wheat germ. Nourishing oils like Argan and camellia seed and coconut oil which can help keep protein levels high. Gleau also gives a great shine.
Hope that helps.

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I second Coconut oil. It’s a wonder.

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I have SUCH problem hair. My suggestions:

L’Oreal Reconstruct Shampoo and Conditioner for Dry Hair – expensive, yet so amazing and effective. ($5 for about 3 weeks of showers)

and.. my dream hair serum. I have tried every serum it seems in a wide price range, and even though it’s cheap and found at all the chain drug stores, it is the absolute BEST.

Garnier Sleek & Shine ($6 ish, I use it like candy so it only lasts me a few weeks, people with less hair/less addiction to this product could stretch it to a month or more)

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