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For those who celebrate Easter, what will you do on Easter Sunday?

Asked by jca (36002points) March 27th, 2010

how do you celebrate Easter? If you have children, do they believe in the Easter bunny? will you go to relative’s houses for dinner, or will you have company? will you go to church?

The Easter Bunny is coming to my house because i have a daughter who is 2½. then we’re going to my parents’ for dinner. The Easter Bunny might leave something at their house, also. i don’t go to church.

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My family is coming Good Friday and we will eat ham and Bunny Cake! My kids are in their 20’s but there’ll be something from the bunny.

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cook a ham dinner and eat with family. used to do the easter bunny thing but kids are older now, but i do still have a grandaughter that the easter bunny will shurly bring goodies for

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I am going to sleep in…wake up launch my boat and go tearing up the river….come home start the grill…throw various meat items on the grill…take a nap…pop a cork on a nice bottle of wine…turn my amp up to 11 and pray that scares my MIL way for the rest of the day.

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When is Easter?

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I’m not at all religious, but on Saturday morning I’ll probably go to a church service if the weather is nice. A few churches get together the morning before Easter and hold an outdoor service, and they sing The Old Rugged Cross and Amazing Grace, and it’s nice.

On Easter the whole family goes to my grandparent’s house for dinner. My cousins will all be there, and we’ll all drink too much wine and then go outside and play tackle football. Then we’ll fall asleep on the living room floor.

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I have to go back to college tomorrow, so I’ll be there during Easter weekend. I’m probably going to go to church here. What we would normally do in years prior is we would go to church in the morning and then we would exchange candy and everything (we did that even after the whole Easter bunny thing).

My mom said she’s still going to send me the traditional Easter candy. :)

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Yes, I have kids. We usually have a special breakfast, and then we get dressed and go off to church. Sometimes is depends on who we’re with, family, friends. My youngest kid believes in the Easter bunny, so we’ll open a door and hide a basket in the mud room or something where he’ll notice it. Then we just have fun plans ahead of us. My husband usually likes sailing, so maybe we’ll even get a ride on the boat.

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I have to wake up early and get all fancy schmancy and go to to sunrise service with my mom and grandmother. The 20ish people that normally show up will all go down to the creek and sing some hymns if it’s a nice day. Then we pray and I can go back home and take a nap and get out of dress clothes.
Then we go to my other grandparents house and play football and jarts lawn darts until it’s time for dinner/lunch. Then the kids me included eat in the basement and play board games while the old people talk about whatever it is they talk about.
Then we all eat dessert and have a glow-in-the-dark Easter egg hunt.

The Easter bunny doesn’t visit us anymore, but my sister gets new clothes and a few movies and this year I’m getting a new camera. It’s just how it is. Gifts are a big thing for my family.

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Every year when I was younger my wife and I would get really, really dressed up, she would wear a faboo hat, and we would go to the Easter Parade. Does anyone still do that?

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@dpworkin Easter Parade?

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I would really like to make Easter different this year. We typically dye eggs, have the eggs with candy and coins in them too….kids love that. But this year, now that my youngest is nine and can ride a bike really well…if the weather is good enough – I’d love to take a picnic lunch and ride the Creeper Trail in Virginia. I heard it’s gorgeous and I think it would be a fun, active way to spend a family holiday together. We’d still do the egg hunt – but then take those eggs, make some egg salad sandwiches and head out and bike!

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The Easter Parade isn’t really a parade, it’s just everyone gathering in great looking outfits, especially hats, and strolling on 5th Avenue. We did it in the 1970’s. I have no idea if people still do, although it’s a very longstanding NY tradition, about which songs have been written.

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@dpworkin : they do and if you read the NY Times the few days after Easter you can see photos of some outfits.

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Of course my family’s Easter tradition was somewhat different: They fled into the forest to avoid the Kossaks who went hunting Christ killers around Easter time.

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Our Easter is pretty typical. The day before Easter, we color eggs with the kids. Last year my daughter and I tried dyeing eggs using natural food dyes (like turmeric or raspberries) and that didn’t work so well. It stunk up the kitchen and made a huge mess, all for some rather ugly eggs. :)

Easter morning, the kids wake up and check out their Easter baskets. They usually get things like sidewalk chalk, bubbles, or other springtime, outside toys, along with a chocolate bunny. The Easter bunny also hides plastic eggs around the living room. The eggs either have jelly beans or change in them.

We eat breakfast, put on some nice clothes, and have Easter dinner at a relative’s house. This year my sister-in-law is hosting. I’ve been asked to bring dessert, so I think I’ll make some ricotta cookies and a lemon cake. We eat a lot, and if the weather is nice, take a walk or spend time outside to burn off those extra calories from a big family meal. A couple of years ago we had a beautiful, warm Easter day. My husband, kids, and brother-in-law started a game of football in the yard. They were all wearing nice clothes, like khakis and sweater vests. The pictures we took looked like some kind of Ralph Lauren ad!

That’s about it. Not terribly unique, but we have a good time and the food is always great. :)

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