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Where to find these Ralph Lauren Shorts online I found at an outlet mall?

Asked by aaronheaberlin808 (69points) March 27th, 2010

Hey recently i went to a Tanger Outlet mall in myrtle beach,sc. I went into the Ralph Lauren store and found these awesome shorts that were beige and had the little blue pony logo all over them. ( They were pretty cool but i didn’t want to spend 60$ on them there thinking i could get them online for cheaper. I posted a link of them on here. If you know where i could find them it’d be greatly appreciated. I’ve looked all over the ralph lauren website and over google and ebay! Please Help me!

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They aren’t that cool..

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Buy some $2 shorts from Wal-Mart and get a random 5 yr old to draw “horsies” on them and at least it’ll be a talking point.

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I think they are hideous. Now, to answer your question…

Go on the ralph lauren website, find them, find out the exact name of the style, then google that. If it isn’t from their current line, this won’t work. In that case, you should ask on the Beauty Forum on Craigslist, but brace yourself for snide, unwanted remarks, not unlike the first sentence of this post.

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You think those are cool? I don’t know what turns me off to them more. The price or the actual shorts themselves. They remind me of when a bunch of bugs hit your windsheild.
If you really like them, please get them for yourself. I could be totally full of it but felt sense of responsibility to be honest about how I feel about them.

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Type the name of them into Google. Keep trying! They’ll come up! And, keep checking the store for sales and discounts! Good luck, and happy searching!

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