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Could a new color be discovered?

Asked by Ltryptophan (11824points) March 27th, 2010

Are we already aware of all possible colors? Is there any chance we cannot see the full range of color that exists?

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It’s not really possible for there to be a ‘new color’ in the sense of a color we have somehow missed, as color is a result of light reaching our eyes, and the visible spectrum is rather well characterized. That is, in the range of spectrum that we see. However, it is absolutely true that we cannot see the full range of color, as we see a very tiny portion of the spectrum of light. Many animals see farther. Many snakes can see in the infrared (‘heat vision’), and many insects can see into the ultraviolet. And of course there’s still a huge range beyond that. What those colors look like, well, your guess is a good as mine.

Now, colors that don’t originate from sight, say, instead coming from a drug-induced hallucination, may result in something that can’t be found in the true visible spectrum. But that I have no experience with.

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@BhacSsylan I’ll drop some acid & get back to you in the morning.

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“Color” is merely the human conscious visual interpretation of the electromagnetic spectrum. If you’re asking whether there is more than ROYGBIV in a rainbow, or Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti in a musical octave, in the physical realm we call reality, my answer would be, most improbable. That’s because god seems to enjoy manifesting in sevens. ;) Now, as for the “great beyond”... anything is possible. Like the color gilver, for instance

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hey rpmpseudonym how’s that acid trip going for ya

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No. Not unless you’re re-engineering your eye to see new wavelengths.

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We seem to be having a great deal of difficulty discovering the color of equality. Yet that does not prevent me from looking in hopes of finding it. I know it’s out there somewhere.

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I declare gilver the unofficial color of equality.

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mmmm silver and gold merging in my mind. What sweeter color can there be?

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No, we are already aware of the whole colour spectrum. It is possible that new low or high frequency EM waves will be discovered, but we have already exploited the whole visible light spectrum. Modern TVs and computer screens can show tens of millions of colours, and I highly doubt there are any gaps in that amount.

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You’d be surprised what god can pull out of her mixed race bisexual butt. Yes you can quote me on that.

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perhaps i should have said “Shis” butt. Yeah, that would have been much cooler.

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There are still many things to be discovered about Earth, we probally will.

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butt, if you’re thinking there are only limited variations on a singular theme…

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is that what you’re thinking?

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It seems that there are subtleties in color that we pick up and pay attention to when they are named—some cultures have all kinds of names for things we don’t “see.” And in spring, the hundreds of colors of green we don’t have names can knock your socks off.

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yes, the name or word or sound defines and limits the interpretation. This is why in vedantic philosophy we are encouraged to see beyond definition

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would you believe me if I told i have seen Brahman God? God in the highest.. the absolute. and lived to tell the tale? probably not you would think me mad but that’s ok

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we are all here to learn

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Yes,it will be called Cablasian invented Tiger Woods !

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hehe Fark Tiger woods and his many many many sluts

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forget Tiger woods if you hope to find god here

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and forget that tiger guy in florida, whatsisname. The one who owns a big cat ranch in miami dade. The one who played Tarzan for a day

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All else must fall aside if you want to truly see gilver and realize atman

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@Futhermucker You can edit your answers on Fluther, there is no need for multiple short posts.

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coll. can i delete them entirely too? I’d like that

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hey mods, please do that for me. fluther is unlike a chatroom Check

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hey can i flag my own comments?

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I’d have to say, yes. We base the evidence we have on visual proof, so mathmatically there should be more colors.

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@Futhermucker No, you can’t delete comments, you can only edit them to say Removed by myself or something similar. I’m quite sure you can flag your own comments.

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thanks FireMadeFlesh my concentrations skills are giving way to silliness and reckless disreguard for structure…. what next

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That’s it, I’m flagging myself. In all good conscience

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sure. y the heck not. there are new words added to the dictionary. why not a new color/ whos to say.

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I say yes! I’ve always wondered about a new color and what it would look like…I do believe however that there is a new spectrum that we(as society) have yet too tap into…I have some theories but they are long and not for a response section like this. oh btw @BhacSsylan is it really possible for people to “see” new colors while hallucinating? If so that would be fascinating

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Hey y dont we all make up a new color. if enough of us agree, then it has to be considered lol

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Yes, there are still new colors waiting to be discovered. Crayola Crayons is proof of this.

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yes yes it is good point


There are many slight variations and nuances of color (shades) that exist——and have always existed, but it’s not like they are waiting to be discovered. It’s more a matter of just coming up with names for them. For example, an orangey pink color has always existed, but we never really had a name for it, until the name “Padparadscha” was used to describe it. Padparadscha is a kind of sapphire whose unique color is a beautiful orangey pink.

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You get primary colours I guess you mean that? As most colour derive from that. But everyday I think colour paint and fabric or the d├ęcor industry at large is considering new colours, hues whatever they are called.

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I just got wind of a possible breakthrough in the spectrum, Burple.Or add a dash of white with a shade of silver for a subtle little number known as Shite.

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What if there was a whole ‘nother spectrum out there waiting to be discovered? now that would be interesting….

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And yes, we are already aware of all possible colors the human eye can see. Even of the whole electromagnetic spectrum and I quote:

“The electromagnetic spectrum extends from below frequencies used for modern radio to gamma radiation at the short-wavelength end, covering wavelengths from thousands of kilometers down to a fraction of the size of an atom. The long wavelength limit is the size of the universe itself, while it is thought that the short wavelength limit is in the vicinity of the Planck length, although in principle the spectrum is infinite and continuous.”

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no because look at todays radio active spectrum of color you cannot change the hues of diffracting light unless UV cause something in nature to happen which is highly unlikely maybe in a diffrent galaxy yes.. ours no.

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