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If botox injections were free....would you do it?

Asked by MoneyMakingMommy (297points) March 27th, 2010

Why or why not?

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Yep. Damn sure would. Then I would enter a poker tournament.

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I would. Only from a qualified provider.

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Nope. I like my lines – I worked hard for them.

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Nope. First, I don’t need it. Second, even if I did, it’s nothing but vanity at my age, so meh! : )

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Hell, no. I already look six. I don’t fancy looking four.

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Oh yes. Not because of wrinkles, but because I am not always aware of my facial expressions until someone pokes me and tells me I am giving someone a dirty look or look pissed off. When I get disgusted I don’t know how to hide it, I look disgusted. I can’t keep a straight face sometimes when I really should either. I need it because I’m nuts, not for wrinkles!! It probably wouldn’t help though. Perhaps an antipsychotic would be more in order.

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No. I think wrinkles look better.

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No. I don’t like needles. And I don’t need it.

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@escapedone7 I have the exact same problem.

Maybe for my 40th birthday. I’m not sure though.

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I’m with @escapedone7
I have no poker face and there’s a little scrunchie between my brows that makes me look like I’m scowling when most of the time I’m just concentrating or annoyed.

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Oh, HECK NO!!!!
As to why, let’s just say that I would not deem them to be worth it.

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It’s not the cost that makes me want to not do it. It’s the injection of botulism toxin into my face that doesn’t sound appealing.

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@Captain_Fantasy Yeah, that pretty much sums it up for me!

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yes yes and yes and why not. shit if it were free, ide get a boob job too

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No, I wouldn’t get it done even if I were paid to. I’m still young, and I am not vain, so I find the idea quite unappealing.

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No, I wouldn’t do it. I want to be able to smile freely and for people to recognize that I am happy. Besides that…

@DarkScribe: Totally agree. I earned every wrinkle and line
@Captain_Fantasy: I couldn’t have said it better.

These two above summed it up for me pretty much.

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@MoneyMakingMommy: By the way, welcome to Fluther friend.

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I dont want to do it to look different, but hell everyone could use a little lift, as you age

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@slick44 My ass is dragging the back of my knees, I’m so tired! How much Botox should I get for that?

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Nope, when the time comes, I want to have those map lines etched on my face to show “I’ve been places!”

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@phillis ,,hell i dont no. as much as u need i guess, its free

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@slick44 I’m thinking, maybe suspenders wouldn’t hurt as much :D

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lmao ur cracking me up. but you no what. your prob. right. lets all just be who we are.

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@phillis .. your a fun lady. you speak ur mind. you go girl. ive added u to my fluther

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@slick44 Salut! I completely agree. Let’s just be ourselves. I ran as hard as I could, but I still kept catching up with myself! Since I can’t get away, I think I’ll join myself in a toast and concede defeat :)

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funny story a good friend of mine is licensed to give botox. He got snagged by airport security at Hartsfield for 8 hours last time he tried to fly to the bahamas with a bag full of botox. 8 hours in a holding cell and he’s a doctor, haha i pissed my pants when I picked him up

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@phillis .. your somthin else girl. i like you. heres to u!

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@slick44 I’ve got the bottle of bubbly. Bring a straw!

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I prefer not to inject botulism bacteria into my body of my own volition.

slick44's avatar

Oh i got a straw. but tonight drinks are on me. hey for that matter if your ever in mich. look me up.

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Hey, you’re a nice looking jellyfish. A mite pale maybe I might take you up on the drinks…

phillis's avatar

@slick44 Why the hell would I want to go to Michigan when I’ve got all these rednecks running around here like happy meals on legs? Bahahahaha!!

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hahahahahaha. ok u got me there

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I might, I’m 23 and I furrow my brow when I think, talk, read or pretty much anything. I’m on the fast track for a crease between my eyebrows. Then again, I’ve never been one to be concerned with aging and I think aging naturally with grace is incredibly attractive. But one can age gracefully with help as well. I’d be more able to give you an answer ten years from now.

I would certainly be more inclined to view them as an option if they were free or very low cost.

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No I wouldn’t because I just cant come to terms with injecting “poison” into my face. I would if it were not a horrific concept. Besides I am hoping that we all turn into stepford wives and look like blow up dolls,so that I become like an anomaly all natural and everybody wants me!!

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@Just_Justine Interesting thought I just had, and you’re the inspiration. We eat so much food poison throughout the year. The only difference is, there wasn’t enough there to make us sick, so we don’t know we ate it. This is also how vaccines work. Technically, anyone who says no has already broken thier own rule, sighting “poison” as a reason.

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@asmonet I have that furrow between my brows, 20 years on. And lines on my forehead. No crows feet, just a bit of sag on the jowl from having gained and lost weight 8 years ago. I would have the injections, no worries. (Where I live, practitioners are properly licensed)

But I think facelifts and browlifts look horrible and unnatural, but a bit of ironing out the skin can make you look ‘rested’. Something I’m NOT and wouldn’t mind getting through a procedure, if it was offered for free.

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A woman at work got botox on her upper lip because she had this wrinkly thing going on between her nose and her upper lip. It made her look like a rabbit.

I’m not vain at all.

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the shot made her look like a rabbit, or the wrinkly thing did?

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@aprilsimnel I am the same way about needles. I think that’s what would stop me. I kinda like the idea of smoothing out some wrinkles without CUTTING into my face….but still…a needle in the face. YIKES!

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No, I dont think I could ever be persuaded to inject poison into my face simply so I can look like a manequin.

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