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I need suggestions on internships that i can do in india?

Asked by aniisback (73points) March 28th, 2010

I am an engineering student and would like to do an internship in an reputed company.please help

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First what’s your nationality ? According to this it may help you to consider working in an Indian company or in a western one.

Else you can still search the Internet about the domain you want to work in, and to search for the biggest company is those fields.

Websites like Linkedin can help you discover a new network of people or groups of people working in India that can help you.

Do you know someone working in a worldwide company somewhere else than India ? It can be a first step to get in touch with people you know in companies abroad, since there are good chance the company get a smaller one or a part of its production chain or whatever in India.

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You are an engineering student, but you don’t know/can’t find out any reputed companies in India?

Good luck with your course.

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Which year are you in? And, nationality? as @Mulot said.

In India, you can get it most of the times through people you know in the companies. Otherwise, students do visit and ask companies for the same. You should be looking for people in HR (human Resource) department for this. They will probably ask which project or assignments would you do? So, to answer this question, you should gather relevant information on the same. And, do ask them which they have to offer, and you may choose from those choices. Make them feel trustworthy about you, speak slowly and honestly. If you don’t get in one, try another till you get one.

All the best!

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