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Do dreams really have a meaning?

Asked by Ludy (1499points) March 28th, 2010

This is like the 4th time in 6 months that I dream about being hit by giant waves, and my fiancee is always with me in the dream, sometimes I save him, sometimes we just hold each other and say how much we love. Is weird because I think we have a great relationship, still those dreams scare me very much. Is it that my own mind is trying to tell me something, and what?

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Aside from indicating a high probability that you are asleep – no. A repetitive dream, possibly.

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I think dreams are very revealing of emotional states. I too have had that dream of the giant waves, but as there is no boyfriend, that element is missing. I have always felt that the “giant wave” dream means we are feeling overwhelmed by something. What that something is is for you to figure out. It could be your sexuality or something in your life circumstances. Just out of curiosity, do you ever die in your wave dreams?

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I have recurrent water dreams. Sometimes the water I am in is not big enough (like a small pool where my hands hit the bottom when I swim) and sometimes it’s like what you describe, a huge ocean with big waves. I usually reflect on such dreams as giving me insights about what is going on in my life. If I were engaged to be married, I would expect having a dream like yours might reflect on the big and meaningful step you are taking—and some of the scariness of doing such a thing.

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just sounds like you have anxiety from your daily life making you have dreams where you feel anxiety as well.

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Are you looking for an excuse to dump this guy? Don’t play the psychic. You make your dreams, and you make the interpretation of those dreams.

Marriage is only for a very, very few people. Love is shared purpose, if you don’t feel like you and your fiance have any real purpose between the two of you outside of “well, I love him and and I think things are going to work out,” it’s not time to get married.

You’re having these dreams that seem to be unrelated to the health of your relationship with this guy, yet you insinuate that they aren’t. I’d look into that if I were you.

Then again, maybe “you’re just nervous.” cling to that if you have to

[If you do actually have a healthy relationship, and these dreams aren’t really shaking you as much as they appear to be with you signing online, using poor grammar in your post while still half-asleep; then disregard everything I’ve said. I’m an ass.]

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“To dream that you are caught in a tidal wave, signifies the strength of your emotions, perhaps accompanied by tears that you are holding back in your waking life.”

From Dream moods

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Hmmm…big wave…finance which means you plan to get married which is a “big time” event in anyone’s life. You are about to be hit by a big time event and you are scared.

Anything in this inevitability of marriage that is scaring you?

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Like Dark Scribe said possibly.

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There are “dream dictionaries” that will tell you what different images in dreams mean. But I think some dreams are obvious if you think about them. For instance, as others have said, this dream sounds like it’s telling you you’re jumping into something big and scary—like getting married.

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The dream dictionaries are culturally bound, though. For example, if I dream of snakes (being an American, which may mean evil) it is different than my husband’s dreams of snakes (which represent enemies).

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It’s your brain making them so you should know better than anyone here what your dreams are about. Think inward on it.

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Once again, no.

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Well I too have had the wave dream, this is what I read in my book of dreams…. Make of it what you will! :-/

“To see clear, calm waves in your dream, signify renewal, a calm state of mind and tranquil emotions. It may also signal an important decision to be made. If you are riding a wave, then it indicates that you are trying to get a handle on your emotions.
To hear waves crashing in your dream, indicates tenderness and relaxation. It also brings about feelings of sensuality and sexuality.
To dream that you are caught in a tidal wave, signifies the strength of your emotions, perhaps accompanied by tears that you are holding back in your waking life.
To see muddy, violent waves in your dream, signifies that a fatal error was made in an important decision“.

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Usually, though not always, they mean you are asleep. Check the archives for a million posts debunking the idea that dreams can be interpreted.

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Yes, dreams very often do have meanings. Discovering the meaning of your dream is often difficult. Good luck.
Your dream @Ludy means that you have watched the movie “Titanic” one too many times.

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The dream of being hit by waves is basically about sex.
The pounding flow and ebb of waves pulsing against your body.
where is my Donna Summer music?

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The dreams are caused by what we think and what is stored in the subconscious mind.sometimes they do have meaning and sometimes they are meaningless!
It seems that in real life you fear about your relationship i.e. what will happen if it breaks.This is stored in your subconscious mind and that is what reflecting in your dreams.
I recommand you to read the book ‘The silva method- Think and grow fit’by jose silva.
I am sure this will help you out!

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I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have a meaning, but is just revealing your emotional state of being, and mixing in whatever happened that day.

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Dreams do mean things. They can give clues or answers or warnings. Other times, they’re just an emotional or stress release, or an engram-release after watching too many videos or video games.

The best dream interpreter is you. Just go with the simplest symbolic meaning. The simplest is probably the most useful.

And do it yourself. Anyone who tries to tell you what your dreams mean, may or may not be right, but they’re BSing nevertheless. And those dream interpretation books are the worst.

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Your brain ‘defrags’ when it sleeps and processes all sorts of stuff that sometimes results in dreams with images that may or MAY NOT reflect emotional states. When you think about the dream, think less about the actual images and more about the emotional response. Perhaps its a fear of losing your fiancee through strong forces out of your control or experiencing difficult times together because of forces out of your control.

Are you a bit of a control person in your real life? You like order and schedules, perhaps and you’re a real planner?

Then perhaps this dream is just your mind processing your fears and insecurities so that they don’t show up in weird ways in your waking life. Don’t wig out about your dreams. We have dreams so we DON’T wig out. (whether you remember them or not)

Sweet Dreams.

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Or it could be that you are feeling overwhelmed. Water is a female element and in dreams symbolizes thought, and the flow of intellect. Are the waves drowning you? The fact that you save him says a lot. About what, only you can tell. The fact that you sometimes go down together without resisting and trying to save yourselves may also be significant.
take a look at your surrounding circumstances and think about it? What in your life is threatening to swamp the two of you? That’s what you need to work on.

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Maybe it’s anxiety or things that pop up in your life that your brain feels need to express. I don’t think your dreams are trying to tell you something (considering you’re basically unconscious), but you may notice something from them unintentionally.

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I think it’s your subconcious at play or the brain “housecleaning” itself. It’s hard to find meaning because there are so many ways to interpret it. Repetition could mean that you keep missing the point of the dream. Write stuff down, that’s my advice.

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Love is a bit overwhelming sometimes,
if we haven’t surrendered completely to it, but then when we do we see miracles.
seems like your love is the saving grace.

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We dream every time we have a reasonably uninterrupted sleep – we simply do not always recall them. It a normal part of the sleep process. Our dreams, like our thoughts, can be influenced by all manner of things that we see, read, or hear. The only time that we should be concerned about dreams is if they are truly repetitive – we keep dreaming “the exact same dream” as the song says. That can indicate an emotional or psychological problem.

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I agree with what DarkScribe says patially because we can dream in about 5 minutes or so and dreaming the exact same is not a phychological problem ! That is what alpha thinkers says.We can recall the dream always if we want to.This method is called as ‘Dream control Technique’. In this technique initially, we can count backwards from 100 to 1 when we are in subconscious state.After practice,we can reduce this count to 10 or so.This is not only counting backwards but recalling the positive thing that we want to happen in our day to day life at the end of the count !

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I do feel that dreams can sometimes mirror your general concerns or desires. Mostly I think they’re just our brain unwinding.

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I did dream about tsunami many times and when i looked back on my present situation i could smell that i was in “worry state”. I think you have been worrying and imagining that your marriage will encounter problems in future, but the good thing is, you believe in your both love. This so-called “worry” is deeply inside your thinking that you transferred to “recycle bin”, unfortunately it was taken from the “recycle bin” and translated into “dream language”. So bet with me, whatever you are worrying, and you try to keep it away, IT WILL COME TO YOUR DREAM.

But yes, some dream could happen in reality life (i do have many times), but this one is only a “sign dream”.

Don’t worry, i think you will have a good marriage, pray a lot and don’t worry.

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I think vivid dreams that are repetitive are trying to tell you something. Water represents emotions and carry emotional connections. How far away is the wedding day? Are you feeling a huge wave of emotion around this – could be either of you, or both. Maybe you should have a chat about how each of you is feeling about the future big day and check into see how you are both handling your emotions at the moment. Is he doing okay with everything or is he feeling overwhelmed?

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