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In the great scheme of life, can we make a difference in the quality of life for others, or are we just pissing in the wind?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36550points) March 28th, 2010

Just having a bit of a rough stretch in general and wondering what difference it all makes. Not thinking of doing anything, but just a little down and discouraged, and wondering?

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Others have to be responsible for their own happiness and well being. We can only help our friends so much. So yes we can, just not always in the ways and in the breadth we want.

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Of course we can – if we really want to do so. Often it doesn’t take very much at all to make a genuine improvement in another person’s life – or at least a small part of it.

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Oh,hell no! of course you can ;)

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You know, sometimes someone simply holding a door for me when I have my arms full and smiling at me, makes my day. I know we can’t feed every starving person in the world or fix every problem for all humanity. But yes, in little ways you can make an impact on someone’s day.

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Of course!

You can make a difference every single day in many ways!

It is about making a difference ONE person, one thing at a time.

A random smile, connection for a brief moment, a helpful gesture, a conversation with a stranger or a joke. All of these things can make a difference, how many times has someone gone home to share a silly encounter with ME..or me about another!

It doesn’tt even have to be about another person, it could be picking up some litter along the road, picking up a baby bird and taking it to a wildlife shelter, or like yesterday…..

used Astroglide to lube a lizard stuck upside down with it’s head through a hole at the bottom of a stack of flower pots in my yard. Yep…made that lizards day no doubt! lololol

Hey..put that on your list of 101 ways to use Astroglide! hahahahaha

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At the end of the day none of us are here for more than a blink of an eye in the grand scale of things!, we should all get along & if the opportunity presents itself , we should all go out of our way to help the less fortunate who do struggle with the every day grind, in what ever small way I’m sure it goes some way to help them along…..

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I wasn’t expecting Astroglide to enter into the picture, but it did make me smile. I probably should have said positively affecting. Those abusive relationship and stalking questions from yesterday kind of got to me. Thanks.

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“For small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love.” – Carl Sagan (Contact)

Yes, we’re a speck of dust in a cosmos way too large for us. But that’s all the more reason to want to make a better place of this one small world, the one place in the universe where we can make a difference.

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I have a dear friend who has a son with Spina Bifida. He has used a wheelchair to scuttle about since he was 3 years old. He needed numerous surgeries though early on in life. She told me something once. She had to travel to Chicago so he could have pediatric neurosurgery at Children’s Hospital. She couldn’t afford to pay for hotels every night for long term, and had stayed at the hosptital for several days without decent sleep or shower. The hospital hooked her up with a local charity called Ronald McDonald house, that gives families with sick children a place to stay while the child receives hospital treatment if they are far from home.

She told me she hadn’t had a shower for 3 days and the first thing she did, after securing a bedroom, was head for the shower. There was a little basket full of little hotel shampoos and soaps. Other people in the community regularly contributed their hotel shampoos and soaps collected on vacations and donated them to the RMH. She said as she was taking her shower she held the little bottle of shampoo that said “holiday inn” on it, and wondered about the one individual who had donated it. She said people don’t realize how some stranger donating a bottle of unwanted shampoo can mean so much. She kept the empty bottle and told me to remember it’s the little things people don’t even think about that make all the difference.

Simply sending a bottle of your vacation shampoo to RMH can shake a woman enough to hold onto it to remember that good people are out there, silently making a difference all the time. Just saying.

Oh yes, and the same kid had his hospital room inundated with drawings sent from the children in his little classroom. The nurses taped the pictures all over the walls. A third grader with a crayon can make a difference.

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@Fyrius Carl Sagan = cool. Cornell, class of 83

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If you must piss into the wind, it is best to turn so that you are pissing downwind…

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I believe we can and do make a difference in the lives of others, but we don’t always see the results when we’d like to or even when we expect to. The quality of life that we may try to encourage,sometimes is acknowledged long after our touch, but it’s still there.

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Yes, when people decide to they can make a difference.

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Pissing in the wind.

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removed by me

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The expression “Think Globally, Act Locally” is a good guide in this instance.

When you help where you can and how you can, you efforts combine with the actions of others who care enough to do things to improve the life of those around them to produce results than are more than the sum of the individual contributions. This is called a synergistic effect!

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Listening is something we can all do for those we care about. Emotional support has helped me; and I do the same for others.
Empathy is quality too few have.

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