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Will coffee hurt my dog?

Asked by CupcakesandTea (353points) March 28th, 2010

My dog just ate half a bag of ground hazelnut flavored coffee. I’m concerned that it may do harm to her (as in being fatal). She has already vomited several times and she was hyper for a short while. She is about an 85 pound German Shepherd.

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Throwing up is a good sign, that means her body is getting it out. And if she isn’t being as hyper as before that may be a good sign it is leaving her system.

Just KEEP AN EYE on her for a few hours and encourage her to drink water, and make sure she doesn’t get other symptoms.

Dumb dog.

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Chocolate is not good for dogs. it contains caffeine. coffee could not be good for a dog, since it also contains caffeine. no vet here, but we do have a border collie. he is into everything. watch you dog closely for the next few hours. he should be okay. dogs love the smell of chocolate and the hazelnut flavor apparently attracted him.

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You should call your Vet for advice ASAP. It shouldnt be fatal but you’d be sick if you consumed half a bag of coffee!
The Vet may want to check her over but will possibly advise a bland diet for a while to calm her tummy and lots of fluid to flush out.

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Not good. Coffee (especially beans) may cause caffeine toxicity, which would be similar to chocolate toxicity. Call a vet to be on the safe side. Many animal hospitals are open today (Sunday).

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If my dog can survive eating razor blades and lightbulbs your dog should be fine they are a lot tougher than people think. Like @mrrich724 said throwing up is a good sign and I would try to call an emergency animal hospital just to be on the safe side. How long ago did she ingest the coffee?

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A website I found suggest 80 cups of coffee are enough to kill a man. Suppose the average human is 155 pounds, she’s a bit over half of that. Do you think she ingested a quantity sufficient to make 40–45 cups of coffee? If yes, call the vet.

Vomiting is a sign of poisoning. It is good that she is getting rid of what she has not digested yet, but the very fact that she is vomiting signals a probable overdose.

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I second @charlie_salazar to call the vet and get advice.

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just hope everything works out all right for your dog

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@TheBot- You can’t use a formula for how much coffee it would take to kill a man and use it to determine how much it would take to kill a dog. Dogs have a much lower tolerance to caffeine. (And remember, we are talking about coffee beans here, not cups of coffee) You can eat all the dark chocolate you’d like and, besides getting a bit nauseated, be fine. A dog, however, could begin seizuring and die as a result. People and dogs are like apples and oranges. Without a doubt @CupcakesandTea should definitely call the vet. Where’s the harm in that?

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There is a dog expert on the site somewhere @AstroChuck you’ve been here a while, can you remember who it is? and can’t you link questions to them?

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@AstroChuck Yes it’s very true, thanks for pointing that out.

I guess as a reasonable estimate of lethal quantity we’d actually be looking at something more equivalent to ~15 cups of coffee.

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@sakura @syz is probably the person you are thinking of she is quite an animal expert.

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can we link this thread to her?

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Although this website is about chocolate, it might help you:

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Someone with a little more computer knowledge should probably link it to her. I would most likely end up screwing it up. Maybe @AstroChuck could be nice and do it for me.

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So nuff. syz is the manager of a 24 hour veterinary hospital. She’d likely have some good advice on this. I’ve sent this question her way.

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How long ago did this happen? I would have called a vet ASAP.

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In dogs the toxic dose (of caffeine) is approximately 200 mg/kg of body weight. You don’t mention how big a bag of coffee she got into, but if it’s a 1 lb bag, she may have received a fatal dose of caffeine. If she vomited promptly, it should reduce the amount that she may have absorbed. (Caffeine pills are used as coyote poison in this area – we’ve lost quite a few dogs that have gotten in to it.)

Call the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center hotline at (888) 426–4435 immediately. They have a database that will allow them to estimate the caffeine dose that she has been exposed to and let you know what to expect. If they recommend treatment, find the nearest emergency clinic and get her in.

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@CupcakesandTea- Please keep us informed on your dog. I know I’m not alone in wanting an update. I just want to hear your German Shepherd is okay. Good luck!

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Yeah, me too!

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@AstroChuck and @loser She seems to be doing fine right now she’s just laid low for a bit right now.

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@syz I believe she had about half of a 1 lb bag. I’m not 100% sure because I wasn’t home when she did this. My dad told me about it when I got home.

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Beer is better

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Um…Yeah. They’re only supposed to drink water.

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Did your dog end up being ok? My German Shepherd is at the vets right now for eating caffeine pills, and Im really worried about her. She wont them close enough to her to do anything with her.

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