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Please tell me about exotic or otherwise interesting resorts or hotels you've had the pleasure of staying in?

Asked by Sueanne_Tremendous (11271points) March 28th, 2010

I travel most days of my life but seldom stay outside of the normal Hilton/Hyatt/Holiday Inn’s of the world. As I was meandering the web ocean this morning I came across this interesting little resort and wondered who amongst my jellied friends had ever experienced such a thing or something similar. I find it intriguing and may grab my gal pal and head for Costa Rica.

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Best ever is the Opryland Hotel….........five stars.

There is no hotel on the planet to equal the Opryland Hotel.

Bring plenty of film for your camera. the gardens are breathtaking.

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I just stayed at the Bayview hotel in Haulien Taiwan last month.

Very cool beach side resort hotel done in a Mediterrianian theme in Asia! lolol

Pretty interesting!

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I’ve stayed in a lot of resorts and never find them particularly interesting.

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We go to Disney World every year and we have stayed in a different hotel each year.
My favorite was the Animal Kingdom Lodge.
The view from our room was absolutely amazing. one more.
I’m animal obsessed.. and being able to wake up and not even have to get out of bed to see that was AWESOME. The hotel it’s self was gorgeous as well. It was all African-themed and it looked great.
Plus we had concierge level, so the snack bar was open all the time with fantastic food. There was this fruit smoothie that I got addicted to over the week. nomnom.

Last year I can’t remember the name of the place but the view was stunning.
The ferries would take you to either Epcot or Hollywood Studios from the hotel or you could just jump on and ride around the lake if you wanted to. It was about a 10 minute walk from the hotel to either of the two parks, and it was gorgeous along the way.

@Sueanne that place looks fantastic!

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@john65pennington love the Opryland Hotel too! I’ve spoken at several conventions there and always had a marvelous time!

@Coloma: Never been to Tiawan but would love to.

@rangerr: love those pics! I didn’t know that the animals were so close to the rooms!

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the napili kai in maui it is amazing it is the epitome of a 50’s resort so fun low key and a beautiful beach. Also just stayed in a B&B in orgeon that all the rooms are in treehouses,

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Staying in that fusalage would lend a whole new meaning to jet lag! lol

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i just stayed at a Wyndham time share (i think they refer to it as an “owned vacation resort”). it was really nice – large rooms, full kitchens in the rooms, tv’s in all the bedrooms (we had a two room suite with two full bathrooms and whirlpool). nothing particularly unusual about the place but it was really posh.

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