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If you could have one thing to truly make you happy right now, what would you choose?

Asked by Parrappa (2425points) March 28th, 2010

Really think about it. Try not to choose trivial little things.

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For all the people I lost last year to be returned to those they left behind in sadness xx

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A shitload of cash, b/c I’m really content in almost every other regard.

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NSFW A harem of female sex slaves.

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I would like to be with the man I believed was the love of my life.

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For The President, Vice President and The Speaker of the House to stepdown from office and again allow the will of the people be heard.

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Higher education!

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It’s 3’fer answer, sorry; my children’s guranteed happiness, my credit score to hit 750 and to have the love of my life, also have me as the love of his life.

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Right now nothing would make me happier than having an Iphone again….How shallow!

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A decent job.

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Having re-read your question, I admit my first response would fall into the ‘trivial’ category!

may have to think about this and re-submit!

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Freedom and Liberty. .... I can’t seem to find it in the USA.

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to feel free to make my own decisions without having to worry about my family’s reaction

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I’d want my kids to become productive, employed citizens of the world. When they are miserable, I am miserable

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World Peace. No less.

And don’t think that it is a big ask.

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I would have my fiance right here with me. That is what I would have.

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A naked Angelina Jolie bouncing on my throbbing member.


I know this sounds corny and you’ll have to forgive me, but it’s true and would make me really happy——that the children suffering in the world right now would be happy and safe, and that the abuse of children and animals would be non-existent.

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@MRSHINYSHOES Why so anti-adult ?

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One thing that I don’t already have? Triple my monthly income.

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Perfect health and a poptart

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Someone special in my life.

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Hmmm..probably….......going to Neverland.

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For my children to be happy and fulfilled.
To be pain-free.
To have just a little more money, so I could pay my bills.

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@MRSHINYSHOES I didn’t find your response corny at all. Mine is quite similar in that I would wish for the health and safety of children everywhere.Make that happen, and happiness would be experienced by the whole world.

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My boyfriend to come home from work, put his arms round me and tell me he loves me.

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I don’t know what would make me truely happy. I know what I think would make me happy but I guess you never know until it happens. Right now I really want to snuggle up to my favourite man. He’s been away for the past week and so a bit of quality time is definately in order. Like @augustlan I would like a little extra money so that my soul didn’t die a little every time I look at my bank account and wonder how the hell I am going to get through the month!

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…A desert island :)

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A box of crumpets! You can’t get them here in the States! Those things they call “English Muffins” are neither!

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Move to NYC, dude. We got crumpets at the shops. The real thing, too.

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