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What are your favorite Passover dishes and recipes?

Asked by SamIAm (8695points) March 28th, 2010

I am doing a seder with some friends this Tuesday and we are making brisket, matzo ball soup, a delicious salad with poached eggs and sauteed mushrooms along with some other dishes. What are your favorites?

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I love matzoh ball soup. It’s hard to improve upon the old recipes, but I believe I have. I make the soup the old fashioned way (simmer roasted chicken with herbs and winter vegetables, and then a second simmering with unroasted fresh chicken, using old stewing fowl for both simmerings) but my addition is to make the matzoh balls with rendered Perigord Goose or duck fat instead of chicken schmaltz. Unless you know the secret you can’t put your finger on the difference but no one ever tasted it without saying, “Wow, this is great! What did you do?”

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My roomies’ grandma (in her 90s now, bless) still makes holishkes (stuffed cabbage rolls) for every high holiday dinner. I am not going to be at Passover this year, but I fully expect to have at least a couple of these brought back for me!

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My favorite part of passover is haroset.

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Mmm. S’fardic haroset is sooo good.

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Pathetically simple, but the thing I look forward to most at Passover time – not at the seder – is eating matzoh with salted butter on it. I find it addictive and only end my breakfast of it because I have to get to work.

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I haven’t had a seder dish I didn’t like! The charoset is probably my favorite though.

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Kasha varnishkes and beef brisket.

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On Pesach, Kasha varnishkes? I don’t think so. That’s H’amotzi.

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