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Do people dealing with depression communicate differently than people who have never experienced depression?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36550points) March 28th, 2010

I have never experienced depression and thought I had an understanding of what it is. However, I now realize I didn’t have a clue what it was like to have to battle (If that’s the right term) this. I have a perception that it even affects communication, but I wasn’t sure, which prompted the question.

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Yes, depression affects everything.

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Well I know I can come across badly at times when I am in a depression. Or a hypo mania. I try to monitor myself though, and be careful before I post. I also try and think twice. But often when I am not myself I don’t say things as well as others do. Which could lead to misunderstanding. I should put a disclaimer on my profile for example. I am often in shit at work for saying odd things at odd times. Then I feel really bad about it afterwards. It’s a horrible feeling not being in control of what you say at times, and also not trusting your feelings. That is why I posted that other post about feelings the other day.

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Depression really does affect everything. In my case, I find that when I’m really down I communicate much less. Everything just seems to slow down.

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My experience is that people with depression tend to communicate less and can be hard for someone who has never experienced it to understand.

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People with depression also communicate in “pessimistic” ways and will generally phrase things in a way that presumes the negative. They also might be less spontaneous in communication and might put less thought into what they’re saying when in a depressive episode. Depressed and/or anxious people generally perceive rejection before (or if) it occurs, therefore might withdraw

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It affects EVERYTHING, especially communication, regardless of the mode.

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Depression is associated with psychomotor retardation. This is characterized by slow speech, and difficulty concentrating. The content of verbal behaviour of depressed individuals reflect feelings of hopelessness, helplessness and feeling of low self-worth.

I hope that answers your question!

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Sadly it affects everything. Imagine how your normal day would be if you had to lie about yourself to everybody you meet. That you have to fake your emotional responses to things, that you cant even let how you feel show on your face. Nothing is genuine, which in turn helps fuel the negative emotions you have about yourself…

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@JeffVader yes.
that really sums it up

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@wilma Thank you, an unexpected moment of clarity from me :)

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Yes, depression affects every single thing, unfortunately. But I think the more someone gets used to having it, the more we can convince others we are getting better.

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@JeffVader been there, a moment of self recognition for me…
Though I am happy to say, no longer.

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