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Booking a flight from JFK to Naples Italy. Flying into Paris, Rome or Madrid how much time will I need to make the connecting flight? When will my bags go through customs?

Asked by bhwsr (9points) March 28th, 2010

Before I book my flight I need to be sure I will have time to go though immigrations or/and customs to make a connecting flight to Naples.

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I just flew Newark to Manchester with a layover in Brussels, Belgium. Didn’t have to go through customs in Brussels, I only had to go through customs when I got to Manchester. So I wouldn’t worry about it. Also, your bags should be pushed through to your ending destination so you don’t have to worry about that.

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You don’t go through customs where you make the connections—you stay in the transit area, unless you so much time between flights and you choose to leave, which I highly advise against. You and your bags go through customs only when you leave the transit area, i.e. at your final destination. The best advice I can give you is to use the same airline for all connecting flights—there’ll be much less chance that you end up in Naples, and your bags end up in Argentina. FWIW, Heathrow isn’t on your list, but it has a large transit area with lots of shops and eateries to occupy your time between flights. Depending on the country, going through customs upon arrival usually doesn’t take that long (though I remember a 4 hour delay getting through customs in Venice one time), maybe an hour or so. Going through security on departure is the time-killer.

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Three hours minimum to get through customs. Sometimes you have to go all the way out of the airport, and then come all the way back in. And that’s if you don’t have any major delays. Usually if you’re buying a round trip ticket, adequate layover time is built in automatically. It is when you’re booking individual flights or changing flights at the last minute that you really have to pay attention.

With codeshares, you can be on two different airlines (AA and BA, e.g.) and have a smooth transition between the two, without experience baggage loss. Again, if you are purchasing one roundtrip ticket, this is all worked out automatically. If you are buying separate tickets, (say roundtrip JFK-FCO and then FCO to Naples) you’ll have to get your bags from baggage claim at FCO and check in for your flight to Naples at a check-in counter like you just arrived at the airport.

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For the lay-over you need three hours more or less, to be on the safe side. I once had a delayed flight and only had one hour left to transfer to the other flight – I made it, but my luggage didn’t… Luckily, it was delivered the next day. But it definitely shows you need to make sure there is enough time for you and your luggage to make it to the connecting flight.

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I just flew from Israel to New York with a layover in Paris, France. In most international airports around the world (especially in Europe), you have to go through security in the airport before you can go to the connecting flight’s gate, but you do not have to go through customs. You only go through customs once you have collected your bags in the airport at your final destination. I’d leave about 2 hours to make the connection, especially if it’s an unfamiliar airport.

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You take your bags through customs when you arrive at your destination. You collect your bags there and go through customs on your way out of the airport.

When you check in at JFK, they will usually check the bags through to the final destination (I’m assuming Naples Italy). The sticky tag the check in counter people put on your bags will say NAP if that is the case. Except for your carry on. Your carry on will be inspected when you go through security to board your plane. Please be sure your carry on is within regulated size. I hate standing in line with people who think they can repack at the counter.

Without seeing your itinerary, I can’t really give you any better info than this.
(a diploma in Travel and Tourism and literally have flown around the world and my hubby travels for a job)

Don’t panic about the luggage making it. There is NOTHING you can do about that. It will be delivered when it arrives at the airlines cost. It happens more than you think and they know how to deal with it. Pack a spare set in your carry on if you’re worried.

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Yup! What other’s have said…just pack a day’s change of clothes, and maybe two/three days worth of socks and undies, in your carry-on…

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