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What do you think about counting monthly anniversaries together after so many years?

Asked by chelle21689 (6987points) March 28th, 2010

My cousin’s friend on facebook is always saying “Happy Anniversary” on his status so I wrote, “Hmm I could’ve sworn you said this 3 times in such a short period of time or maybe time just flew by! lol!” He said, “Monthly anniversaries…DUH.” I put “Haha, didn’t know after so many years together you guys would still do that.” His wording seemed as if he was offensive he said “Everyone else in the world counts it except you.”

I don’t think it’s necessary to count monthly anniversaries and say, “Happy Anniversary baby I love you!” each month. They’ve been together 3½ years. I stopped after a year hehe, but I don’t celebrate each month we’re still together

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I consider it the same as counting a child’s age. You may do it up to the first 18 months or so, but then it’s just “Yay! We’ve been together 3 years! Let’s celebrate!” or “We’ve been together 4 and a half years” if someone asks.

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I do not, nor have I ever – at least not since high school, counted month anniversaries beyond the first year.

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As long as they aren’t expecting gifts and so forth, I could care less if this brings them a little extra happiness.

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Never heard of it.

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That’s just kooky. ;)

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I think it’s a little odd that they go out and celebrate each month but whatever floats their boat. He seemed really defensive haha.

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As long as they don’t expect other people to wish them happy anniversary each month, it sounds like a way to keep the romance alive that works for them.

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I am surprised people would still do monthly anniversaries after three and a half years, but it is kind of endearing. As long as the two of them are the only ones expected to celebrate.

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Hey, if it’s his thang, and his woman likes it, who are you to tell him it’s wrong. It’s a tender tradition between the two of them, that means a lot to them. Sounds kind of sweet to me.

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My man and I recognize each month, and it’s been 32 months almost three years. =)

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That’s cute that they do that. But, I haven’t done that since high school. I don’t know why he got defensive about it, you seemed to be only kidding with him.

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I have never counted a month as an anniversary in a relationship, ever. It sounds sort of teenageish to me. I have been married for 25 years and we say I love you, every day, we don’t need an anniversary to do it.

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snowberry never said it was WRONG and I never INSULTED him, I just never heard of people still doing that and was surprised

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I was not talking about what you meant. Based on your description of his answer, it sounds to me like he was offended. People take offense all the time at stuff that was not intended to be offensive. Obviously he’s wired differently than you are.

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I’m sorry, what? That’s stupid. It’s called anni -versary for a reason—it’s and annual thing! Not monthly. I hate when people celebrate that monthly. It’s really not that serious.

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His world must be pretty small if he thinks everyone but you does this. I didn’t even do that crap in high school. The actual anniversary gets celebrated, and the half-anniversary MAYBE gets a mention. That’s it.

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Not that we ever really celebrated it, but we made a mention of it to each other for about the first 2 years. After that it was kinda whatever. We still do stuff at the 6mo marks though.

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You’re not alone.. I’ve never heard of it. I think that for the first few beginning months, it’s acceptable. But 3 almost 4 years… that’s about 48 anniversaries! don’t they run out of things to give each other

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Whats the point? i just don’t get it. lets see how this calculates for my wife and i after 44 years of marriage. hmmmmmmmmmm 44 years times 12 months equals 528 months plus 5 months equals 533 months of anniversaries. again, whats the point?

They don’t even make enough different anniversary cards to equal 533 months.

I just don’t get it.

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I don’t think they give eachother monthly gifts but do go out and do something lol

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Anniversary comes from annum meaning year, what he is celebrating is his mestriversary.

Bigger question-why do you want to communicate with an argumentative nitpicker with a superior attitude. Family reunions should be enough.

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Why not celebrate anything and everything you can? Life is short an there is so much that can suck. If it makes people happy give them the monthaversery.

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I have never formally celebrated a mensiversary once an anniversary came along. It seems odd to me, though to each his own. I do not think, however, that this means I am not still celebrating my relationship. I’m just doing it in a less formal way.

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