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What do you do, to spend quality time with your family ?

Asked by Rangie (3661points) March 28th, 2010

Do you interact with them or any of them everyday? I don’t mean watch TV with them, that is not quality time spent for anyone. Do you play games, read to the children, talk about their daily activity, go to the park or anywhere, where you are not just entertained?

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Why is this an orphan after 3 hours?
I don’t spend quality time with my family.
We never have.
We hang out in our own rooms and only really talk when discussing what to have for dinner or when someone leaves the house.
It’s just how it is.

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We help each other with stuff that has to get done, and we play with the babies, and we loan each other stuff, and we cook, and we trade books with each other, also recipes, and we cook, and we cook, and we eat and eat and eat and eat.

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We often do projects together, BBQ’s, holidays, phone calls and as @susanc said, lots of eating! Also my daughter and I make a fun meal to eat while watching Lost together, on TV, and we’ve all had fun watching movies, or bad reality shows like Fear Factor.

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play football with him
take him to the park
have afternoon nap together
eat meals at the table

this question has just made me realise how totally uninventive I am…must work on that

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No, I talk to my family every few weeks / months or so on the phone…. a couple of times a year we meet up for some occasion or other.

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Spend money. Isn’t that sad?

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@rangerr , And do you like it that way? Or do you think you might be the one to make some changes for the better. It would be my guess that you don’t interact with any neighbors either.
Question: How do you create memories if all of you are living in your own bubble?

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@JeffVader So, do you even live in the same town? Do you have an immediate family, like a wife, kids, a dog?

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@meagan , Okay Meagan, you are stealing my heart. First of all, I will be one of your best friends.
Second, do you live with family? If so, if is parents, siblings, or married, children or what? Yes, if all you all do is spend money, that is sad. creating memories with family doesn’t have to cost a penny. A hug, a nice conversation, a gathering just for fun. Tell me a little more if you want to that is, so I can understand just how to speak with you.

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@lynneblundell Big kudos to you. If this question makes even a little change for the better in your family life, I am so happy I asked it.
But, I am even more excited that you are going to expand your interactions with your family.

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@Rangie I don’t know life any other way. So I guess I like it that way? I have no comparison to be able to answer that. I interacted with my neighbor kids constantly until I got old enough to start taking care of the ranch. Then I didn’t have neighbors to interact with. With the exception of a few “Hey, is your power out too?” moments.
I guess we did go to Disney two years ago as a family. But even then we only really saw each other at the hotel and during meals. The rest of the time we split up and did our own thing. I try to hang out with my sister, but because of her disability, she is very abusive, so I tend to want to stay away from that. I’ve found that making memories with my friends and my horses has been more positive for me than to try and get my family to bond.

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@rangerr , I am so sorry Rangerr. Sorry about your sister too. I have a sister that is so self centered with a mean streak that I tend to steer away from that as well. I guess every family at least one difficult members. So all of the rest of us do the best we can around that person. Quite frankly I have better friends than all three of my sisters. Somewhere along the line they failed to recognize that the world didn’t revolve around them alone. But we do have family functions now and then. My immediate family, husband, children, grandchildren are extremely close. We vacation together, we hang out together and have respect for each other. We support each other in all of our activities.
As long as your memories are good ones, that is what counts.

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@Rangie No, were all scattered about the country. My closest relative is my middle brother, he lives about a 3hr drive away. I do try to get over there when I can to see him & his family, they’re lovely….. No immediate family, altho I do have a cat.

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