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Is it difficult to make homemade paper?

Asked by Ludy (1501points) March 28th, 2010

Like I’ve said before I am getting married and I would like to save some money, so I’m considering make my own invitations(handmade paper), and I’m wondering if that’d be difficult, thinking like could I use scrap paper to recycle, where can i find the tools?ETC…

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Um… I’m thinking that if you can’t afford the paper to print invitations on, then you might want to re-think the entire celebration aspect of the wedding.

There are plenty of simpler ways to economize on a wedding, starting with a smaller reception, buffet instead of sit-down dinner, donated services of photographer and band, etc.

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@Ludy: This is not a reasonable place to look for cost savings. You might be able to realize a TINY cost savings by writing on back-and-front or by using envelopes mail came in but making your own paper will likely cost MORE per sheet than purchasing at retail.

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Making handmade paper is a fun project but I think it would be time-consuming and costly to make enough for wedding invitations. You can buy packets of nicely decorated papers for laser printing online for not much money, design your own invitations and print them yourself or take them to a Kinkos for printing if you want cheapish invitations.

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Great idea! I made my own paper in 8th grade. It is not hard.

You can use scrap paper. You can also press in dried flowers, herbs, etc. I’m sure there are good how-to articles on the internet about this. Perhaps on instructables.

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@Ludy: If you really want to save money consider less heads. If five people come the cost will be low no matter (almost) what. If five hundred people come the cost will be high no matter what.

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It’s not hard, you just have to have the right equipment and supplies. Unless you’re going to be making a lot of paper in the future, I don’t think it would save you money…How much do you think you would be spending on paper if you were to buy it?

As far as where to buy the equipment, etc, you can type “papermaking” into google or amazon to find what you need.

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It’s not hard, just time consuming. Here’s a link to how I’ve done it. I like it because you can always find old newspaper somewhere. Maybe you can modify this in order to make a bulk supply.

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I’ve done it. It isn’t difficult but a little messy. Instructions are easy to find with a search engine. I’m not talking about paper you would actually use other than for perhaps an invitation.

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Making paper is not hard, printing on handmade paper is almost impossible. In order to run through a laser printer it has to have a pressed surface for the ink to adhere evenly.

Is there a paper store in your area that sells to small printers, such as Arvey or xpedx? The Arvey store near my office has an amazing selection of paper and envelopes, invitations, etc.

I like plain panel cards, with black script type, with a map to the church/reception on the back. Once I enter the date on the calendar, I toss the invitation out.

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I guess it really just depends on what method you use. When I was in 5th grade, my class tried making paper out of apples. It ended up just getting thrown away cause it got moldy.

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