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Is there any way we could hold politicians accountable for blatant lies and/or inciting violence?

Asked by Dr_C (14132points) March 28th, 2010

Can we hold the likes of Sarah Palin and her cohorts responsible for spreading fear and lies without any regard as to what it’s doing to the country and the people she’s quite literally putting in harm’s way?

This woman refuses to take responsibility for stirring up violence on the right with her incendiary rhetoric.

Palin has done this before. Most notably when she accused Obama of “paling around with terrorists” or claimed that the president had inserted “death panels” in the health care bill, precisely so they could kill her Down syndrome infant and her aging parents. Palin was lying, of course, but being the devout Christian that she is, she didn’t let that interfere with her quest for prosperity and fame. Or the anger and ignorance she was encouraging with her repeated attacks on our first African-American president.

After the health care vote, Palin promptly posted a map of the U.S. targeting vulnerable Democratic members of Congress. To highlight their districts, she marked them with rifle cross-hairs. And she exhorted her gun-loving followers with this: “Don’t Retreat—Reload.”

Republican leaders have yet to firmly denounce these threats. It’s no wonder Palin feels emboldened to demean Obama and attack Democrats with no regard for the consequences. It’s clear she doesn’t care, that she’s willing to say anything. Let’s not forget:this is the college dropout who couldn’t even tell Kate Couric what newspapers she reads. So it’s not like she has a regard for language or facts.

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