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I need to know what smoking salvia is like. Has anyone tried Salvia before?

Asked by AmbeJL (114points) March 28th, 2010

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It was pretty fun. I got some great visuals. My girlfriend thought she was a lizard crawling on the ceiling. The crazy part was it felt like it lasted forever, but the high only lasted about 20 minutes or so. It was expensive, and I’ve only done it once, but I did enjoy it a lot.

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Yes, it gives you a high like a sugar rush, it’s a flying sensation. You sometimes see things. The effects can be both enjoyable and bad. I remember waking up in the hospital with 5 of my friends covered in bruises, burns and balloons.

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For more info on salvia check out the other questions here.

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[mod says] Please hold off on joking until after the question has received a legitimate answer or two. Thanks!

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Let’s get some basics down. First, you don’t NEED to know what salvia is like. This is a want, not a need. Second, be very sure that you aren’t wanting to get high because you are self-medicating, which is why a lot of people get high (whether they realize it or not is another story). If this is the case, you are opening the door to some serious issues with your mental health.

If you have had ANY mental health issues, do NOT smoke salvia. The dysphoria and hallucenogenic properties can push you toward a psychotic episode or break. As evidence of this, you’ve been given two answers from people who have tried this, and half of them said it was not all good.

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Try banana peel

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Salvia was fun, it took about ten minutes to take effect and it only lasted about ten minutes after that. I felt like I didn’t have control over what I was doing, because I would basically do anything at that moment, which scared me a little. It was very trippy, and I laughed a lot, and I had some hallucinations of Leprechauns…it was weird. If you’re going to do it, have a friend there who you trust and make sure they aren’t high while you are. It’s good to have someone there to make sure you don’t do anything stupid, or have a bad trip.

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If you do salvia, do it with a good friend that will give emotional support if you freak out, and call an ambulance if there’s some kind of problem. Also, make sure they don’t have a video phone…

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I was kind of courious about this, a couple of you-tube videos and now im not.

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When I did it about 4 years ago, I had enough to leave the universe behind, and I was… working in an office behind a shop that “managed” a huge clock face that was comprised of 12… of me, which was part of a huge machine made from primary coloured children’s toys…. The strangest sensation was being on a clock face 12 times, and inside it!

My job felt like it had some kind of incredible importance within the universe. This is a common theme.
One of my buddies said he was in a huge line of “geodudes” (if you remember the pokemon), and had to pass tiny blue units of time along the line, to keep the universe ticking along.

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I read that as saliva. I was like, “How can you smoke saliva?!”

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I’ve never experienced a visual hallucination on salvia. I guess it’s different for everyone. My experiences usually take the form of a feeling of intense pressure right between my eyes, followed by a feeling that my whole body is being pulled through an opening that’s too small for it.

The weirdest experience was when the room suddenly was split into 5 sections, I was in section 3 looking at my cat in section 2. He appeared to be part of Fischer Price Playset and not a real cat. This was not a visual hallucination, just how things ‘felt’ to me at the time.

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