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If you jump rope regularly does it get less strenuous?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10280points) March 28th, 2010

I’ve picked up a jump rope a few times in my life. Wow, I’d rather run a 5k! Is there a way to build up jump rope endurance. Does anyone else find it just overwhelmingly difficult?

Rocky makes it look like cake!

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Try doing it on a trampoline.

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Yes, practice everyday for 5 mins each day for one week. At the end of that week add 5 mins to it. By the end of a month you should be able to run 15 mins straight jump-roping

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Of course it gets easier the more you do it.

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I used to do it for boxing. I started with three one minute intervals. That was enough. Before I knew it I was doing three 5 minute intervals and it didn’t seem any worse. After a few months I was doing 15 minutes in a row just to get it over with.

It gets easier, you just have to do it consistently.

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Is one jump rope better than another?

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I worked as a projectionist for three years. We were mostly locked in the booth for eight hours every day. We really were not supposed to leave the room where we were the only person in it. And we worked for 2 hours and found ways to kill the other six.

I started with reading—> yoga—> break-dancing—> jump-rope—>Sleep.

Jumping rope gets easier like everything else. I used to do it for hours everyday. I would jump-rope between between projectors when I was starting movies.

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Weighted jump ropes usually are better, because now you work your lower & upper body.

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Try doing jump rope with weights on your feet. It helps and builds your stamina and endurance over time.

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@Ltryptophan :: I love the ones with the plastic tubes on them. The extra weight makes them a lot easier and predictable to use.

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I do think one is better than another. Walk into any boxing gym and you will see which ones to use. Not ones that are just a rubber rope with handles. Go for the ones with the “beads,” if you wanna do the work yourself like this

or you can get the ones with the bearings inside, but you don’t have to as much work, it just looks cooler and you can swing faster, but you may as well just jump in place and move your arns around b/c the bearings are doing all the work.

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The more you weigh, the harder it is. You are lifting both feet off the ground.
But any physical activity gets less strenuous if you do it regularly.

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If any friends would be willing to do this, try jump-roping as a social activity like a child. Take turns jumping and swinging and if you remember any rhymes like “Charlie Chaplin went to France, to teach toe girlies how to dance . . .” recite those. It should be good for a few laughs and an interesting ethnographic experience as you all trade childhood rhymes. If you are really brave, try Double Dutch. All this social activity will make you forget about the exhaustion.

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When I was in college, trainging for Fencing, we had to jump rope. First 2 weeks were tough, but it suddenly got quite easy.
I keep remembering my coach yelling “If you’re out of breath, you’re out of shape!”
Keep it up!

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Pheeeew… I was sure ‘jump rope’ was going to be a euphemism for some creepy sexual habit!

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