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Can you tell about a time where everything worked out for you?

Asked by jfos (7362points) March 29th, 2010

It is not uncommon to have an array of tangled circumstances, commitments, responsibilities, and plans. Has there been a time when something “worked out” for you that you didn’t expect? Have you ever been anxious about something that just seemed to turn out to be successful? Tell us about it.

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The year was 1969. a new house, a new car and a new baby. 1969 was a fabulous year when all the pieces of the puzzle just came together.

If you go back in time, you will discover that more winning movies came out of the year 1939.

This is why the number 9 is my lucky number.

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I was scared to leave me ex, for this relationship I am in now. I was scared it wouldn’t work, I was scared he would get easily bored with me. That was nearly 2 years ago, best decision I have ever, ever made.

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Nope. I sure wish I could.

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I was nervous about divorcing my wife because she scared the hell out of me and told me she was going to screw me over in court and have me pay this and that. But long story short, when she moved back home, she did not even respond to the papers and I got a default divorce and did not owe her anything at all, because we were only married for a short time and did not have any kids. Shoop da woop!!!!

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Yes, it comes in bursts. Every now and then I suddenly realise that I am in one of those “nothing goes wrong no matter what I do” periods. I wish that I could control or call them on demand. They compensate for the more common, “if there are only three ways that something can go wrong, it will manage to go wrong five ways”.

For more than thirty years I have been noting these “streaks” of constant good or bad fortune. They are usually preceded but lots of warmth and smiles plus affectionate diminutives from strangers. Every woman I meet – young or old addresses me affectionately. It is weird when a seventeen year old shop assistant and a sixty year old nurse both call me sweetheart or similar – but nice. Friends who I have not heard from for years in some cases will all call within a day or two. I get free upgrades to first class, a better class of hire car, complimentary wine etc. Nothing truly major as of yet.

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The year was 2007, I was married with a young infant – I joined, a site like this one, and found this one user pretty funny – we talked on gchat July 13th, 2007 (a day before my son turned 1) and my life went upside down. A week later, we spoke to each other on the phone, then on webcam, then I dropped everything and flew to see him for a couple of days in N. Carolina. After that trip, we both went home to our spouses and told them it was over. I was scared, I didn’t know what life held in store for me, it was a whirlwind as I was also starting another relationship with a different user at the time. My parents were not happy, neither were his. They both moved here to NYC to be with me, we lived in our own world, it was great. Eventually I got pregnant, miscarried, broke up with my second partner. Somewhere along the line, I got pregnant, again, lived in South Africa, graduated from grad school and got married to the person you now know as JeanPaulSartre here on Fluther…this happened in Nov. 2008 and I’d say that that year and a bit have been the craziest ever but it all worked out even though no one thought it should or would. Our family is the best and we’re thankful every day.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir That’s beautiful.

1999–2001 We built our dream house, had the big cathedral wedding and a three month honeymoon in the Caribbean. My medical profile was cleared and I transferred back into the Regular Army, to teach ROTC at a local college for three or four years, then put in for retirement. My lady was studying to become a psychologist. We were puttering around with turning the old family homestead back into a working farm. Then comes 9/11 and endless deployments.

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