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Has anyone used lucid dreaming to resolve an emotional problem or concern?

Asked by dreambob (7points) March 29th, 2010

When lucid dreaming, we are consciously aware that we are in the dream state. Some people say that you can consciously deal with emotional issues – nightmares, phobias, etc. Just wondering if any of you lucid dreamers have tried that in your lucid dreams.

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Well, when I’m lucid in my dreams I do the most fun things I can think of doing at the time. So, that at least helps. I’m sure I’ve had lucid dreams that dealt more specifically with hangups and burdens. So, yeah, I guess.

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Lucid dreaming stresses me out.

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I had one a few nights ago where I was riding a dolphin in the ocean and shooting mutant evil-jellyfish (not like the ones on Fluther) with a flame thrower. I play to many video games.

The bad part is, while I’m having these dreams where I’m in control, I can tell how stupid they are.

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I have worked out the composition of paintings this way. It has not been intentional but it has been effective.

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@Dog No dolphins and machine guns? just works of art? you don’t know what you’re missing.

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@dog Yes, some artists become lucidly aware and announce, “When I walk into that next building, I will see an incredible art work that I can paint” They step in, and see it on the wall. Pretty amazing creativity for the asking.

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@zophu ~Pigs drinking wine in tuxedos, Dolphins with berets and uzis- works for me

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