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Do I have a computer virus?

Asked by MrsDufresne (3547points) March 29th, 2010

My SD card slot has been giving me trouble.

I would insert the card and it would not register, the green light beside it would not illuminate and Drive H was not even listed in my computer.

Then today I tried it again.

I inserted the card, and the green light started blinking, my computer then brought up my Webshots desktop, (drive H was recognized) and a video that said “Suicide Close up” which was short and blurry.

I saw the title and I closed the window (before investigating further) because I didn’t want to see anything like that.

I Googled these symptoms and came up with a link for the Conflicker virus (which didn’t seem to be related to anything I’ve experienced with this.)

I am scanning for viruses now, but it has not brought up anything. Does my PC have a virus?

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You might have a contaminated SD card. There are a lot of them floating about on eBay and similar places. Suicide close up is a well known clip. Google it.

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Unfortunately, your card may have an affliction. I suggest you reformat it.

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@DarkScribe I’ve had this SD card for years, and it just started giving me trouble about 3 weeks ago.

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Has your SD card been into other PC systems? Do a scan of the SD card as well to make sure it’s clean. Also, blow some canned air in the SD slot to clear it of any dust that may be casuing the problem; also, wipe the contacts of the SD card for possible oily deposits. One more thing to do is to re-seat the cables from your drives to your motherboard.

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@njnyjobs Nope, the card hasn’t been in anyone else’s PC. I just reformatted it, maybe that will help. Thank you.

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Just run a virus check on the card. Reformatting works also. You should also virus scan your computer now.

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@lilikoi Yes, I am currently doing both now.

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I think your pc is infected with the spyware.Use AVG for scanning the computer for spyware.It’s ‘FREE’.

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