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What would be the most irritating type of person to sit next to on a long haul flight & has this ever happened to you?

Asked by ucme (50031points) March 29th, 2010

Sef explanatory,simple quick effective,possibly.

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Are you looking for suggestions on how to deal with a person like this? I always put headphones on.

edit: err forgot to answer what type of person irritates me…someone that just won’t shut up.

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The proud father type that never shuts up about how great his kids are! :-/ I suffer enough of these at work, I’d have to jump!!!

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I have always had good “neighbors”.The worst however, would be someone who hums show tunes from “Annie”.I would knock their teeth out ;)

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@FutureMemory Nah just asking for askings sake.

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The Aflac duck. “Afflllaaaaccc!!!”

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Except the halitosis representative, the snorer, the chatterbox and a list of colorful folk, I think the one that would tick me off would no doubt be: And he were praying at the same time, I would start doing the same!

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@lucillelucillelucille Tomorr….thwack!!! Funny & accurate.

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This happened to me. On a flight home from New York – New York City Gay Pride, I sat next to a homophobic Christian Fundamentalist. Oh, fucking happy day. ~

Try having a convo with someone like that..

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The dude who spreads out everywhere. If your trays are down, he rests his magazine or lap top partially on yours. He spreads his legs out as much as possible. The armrest obviously was put there for his enjoyment.
I hate that guy.

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@jjmah – What a great way to end Pride.~ That’s when I’d look them dead in the eye and say, “Excuse me, but I am gay” and then keep staring. That usually shuts them up.

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@ucme- Maybe if you sang it in the voice of James Earl Jones,I’d forgive you ;)

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Someone who smells, talks to me (or a friend that they have brought) and makes a lot of noise whilst constantly giggling.

Either that or a murderer with a shovel.

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@lucillelucillelucille I’m getting a mental image of Darth Vader singing the hits of Annie,disturbing.

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Someone who has an odor
Someone with whom you do not want to talk
Someone who is too big for the seat

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@ucme -Nooooooo…...that’s undeniably sexy!

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My very first flight flying by myself when I was 12, I sat next to a guy who was very nice but had awful B.O. That was pretty traumatic.

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Those people who constantly talk about themselves after you’ve made it quite clear you’re not interested!! The ME, ME, ME types! Give me a break!!

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Anyone who assaults any of my senses to an unreasonable degree would be horrible to sit next to on a flight. :(

Last time I flew, there was a lady sitting behind me who talked non-stop in a very loud voice for the entire flight. It was late at night, and a lot of people on the plane were trying to sleep, including me. We’d already been delayed three hours, and I was exhausted. Not only was this woman talking loudly, she was bragging about herself and her oh-so-fascinating life. She went on and on about places she’d been, people she’d met, her lucrative law career, her fantastic family, blah blah blah. The guy sitting next to her wasn’t asking her questions, and would barely answer if she asked him something. You could tell he wasn’t very interested in carrying on the conversation and was trying to hint that he wanted to be left alone. I wanted to turn around and ask her why she wasn’t flying up in first class if she was so damned special and wealthy. Here I was, worrying my son (who was four at the time) would bother people on the plane. He slept like a rock the entire time and didn’t make a peep.

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@Scooby Hey, maybe you were the guy sitting behind me, suffering through that woman’s conversation!

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I did not mention that the link that I posted would be on the fellow-passenger’s lap top where I would be able to see it clearly!

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@lucillelucillelucille Imagine her head being unveiled from beneath his helmet.He wouldn’t look so menacing then,or would he…. He was funny in Coming To America though.

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Maybe! Lol.. it just might have been! ;-)

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Large, Loud, smelling of beer and very elbowy.
The ones who sit there laughing out loud at the movies and make a mess when the food comes.

this may sound stereotypical but pisses me off everytime.
i end up drinking a lot of wine on THOSE flights..

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Pretty much what @MissAusten said. Anyone who assaults my senses.. someone who won’t shut up, who invades my personal space (or is perhaps too big for their seat and thoughtfully borrows some of mine), who smells, etc.

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I once had to sit next to someone who reeked of BO and who had a body that overflowed into my seat.

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The most memorable would be the lady that had her son pee in a soda can rather than go through the trouble of taking him to the restroom.

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The pilot.

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@FutureMemory No fucking way. Really?

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The nosy person. The last time I went in a plane ride I got seated next to _that_ lady. Everything I did she had to be on my shoulder watching me. She didn’t even make it seem as if she wasn’t. Whatever I was reading she had to be reading it at the same time as me even if it was personal. Then she would interrogate me about it.
When the flight attendants passed by asking people if they wanted coffee I almost begged them not to give her any just so she would go to sleep.

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@FutureMemory NO WAY did she get it mixed up with her soda can with actual soda in it afterwards? please say she did. that’ll learn her..

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@Likeradar and @TheOnlyException

Yeah, she even held his wee-wee for him. There was an empty seat between us so it wasn’t as horrible as it could have been, but still…

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Now that’s just taking the piss.

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@FutureMemory some mothers eh? At least that kid can be all like ‘totally pissed in a soda can this one time..”

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The 4 year old child, that gets no disipline from its parents, because it is so cute watching little jimmy ‘tattoo’ the guy sitting next to him.

At least until a mad rat tells him to put the pen away or get spanked.

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* The guy who got blasted at the airport bar an hour before he got on the plane
* Farters
* Oddly smelling anything of any kind
* Obvious neediness – need to talk, cuddle, show pictures, vent
* Half-hearted attempts at small talk
* Space invaders
* The crazy conservative who falls asleep on your shoulder
* The couple who’s groping each other under the plane blanket. These same people think you don’t realize that you’re only inches away from a naked schlong and breathing in their sex air

(all have happened to me)

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Last spring break I got on a plane exhausted and still mostly drunk. The guy next to me was a fundamentalist Christian bigot who wouldn’t shut up about the evil pan-Arab conspiracies. I almost had to ask the flight attendant to move me.

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Someone who will not take a hint and shut the hell up.
A person who is too cheap to buy a seat for their toddler, then lets the little darling kick and fuss the whole trip. I know that this is to be expected, it is not the child’s fault, I blame the parent. I saw this happen on a flight several years ago. The kid kept kicking the seat in front of her. The woman turned around several times, lowered her glasses and finally said something. I clearly heard the mother protest “She’s just a baby” as if that meant anything. She, being the “responsible” adult should have taken action.
I despise people who inflict their out of control children on others, then expect the rest of us to fall all over ourselves making accommodations.
Also, the person who complains about everything. I actually heard a woman gripe that there were not enough peanuts in the bag. you know, this is a five hour flight. Can you live until we land before you put your head in the feeding trough? We all know there are six peanuts in there. If you wanted something more substantial, bring a sandwich.

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It was a man on a flight to London who wouldn’t stop talking, though I politely told him several times that I needed to sleep. So I asked the attendant to switch me after about 15 minutes of me saying, “Look, I need to sleep,” and him saying “Oh, sure, all right,” but then he’d start talking again after 30 seconds.

And she did. At that point I didn’t care if I neither met his need for socializing, nor if I appeared rude.

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I once had a couple consecutive really bad bus rides. On the first leg, from Atlanta to Tulsa, a lady talked to god and drew strange runes with her finger on the seat in front of us. I hated her so much. After sitting in Tulsa (an awful place) most of the day, I rode to Milwaukee. It was OK at first, but in St. Louis a woman sat in front of me and put two rambunctious kids in the seat next to me, and she had another two next to her. I completely loathed all of them for hundreds of miles.

I’ve had countless obese people remain in constant contact and sweat on me on random flights. I’ve also had drunks try to befriend me on flights. Vile human beings.

Another memorable shitty moment was on a flight from O’Hare to Madison. I was sitting on the bench seat in the back of a small plane. We were on the tarmac for like 45 additional minutes without air conditioning and it was mid-July. Of course there was a giant fatass next to me in full contact, sweating on me. Then someone farted, and not just a normal “hey this will be gone in 30 seconds” kind of fart. More like someone opened a can of sewage. It lingered in the back of that humid, thick atmosphere of that shitty flight for way too long.

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What would be the most irritating type of person to sit next to on a long haul flight & has this ever happened to you?
A flatulent one. Yes, my wife.

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Well that would be me!! Believe me you do not want sit next to me.

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I hate sitting beside drunks, semi-drunks and obnoxious children. It is hard to say which is the worst!

I truly hate flying and I just want to lose myself in my iPod and sleep the xanax induced sleep, not be bothered by anyone!!!

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“Obvious neediness – need to talk, cuddle, show pictures, vent”

:-0 Who tried to cuddle with you?

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@ucme -I liked that movie alot :))

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@Brian1946: He was in his late 40’s and returning home from a funeral. He was a little out of it, but also trying to work it with me a little. I think I half-jokingly threatened to mace him if he touched me. That’s usually the sign of an uncomfortable trip.

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