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Are you addicted to

Asked by Ranimi23 (1911points) March 29th, 2010

Because I Do. This is now my home page, so I start my every day here reading new questions and answers. I LOVE IT! So much fun, so much interesting people. So much things to learn every day.

10X Fluther! I am addicted to YOU :-)

It’s like I’m having a new big family I never had before.

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I can quit whenever I want!! I swear!!!

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I am a little addicted, but not so much as to have it my homepage.

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Yes. I spend far too much time on here.

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Totally, as if I wasn’t addicted to enough things already.

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No. I can leave anytime I want.
In fact I will leave right now

immediately suffers withdrawal symptoms

err.. on second thoughts.

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Addicted, no. Completely enamored with it, yes.

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Define addiction. Unless there’s a 12-step program for Fluther and Fluther-addiction has been documented in medical journals, then, no— I do not believe in Fluther addiction. (And those who say there’s such a thing as Internet addiction, well, they’re the ones who are just wasting time in all the wrong places.) See… I have thought about the idea of Fluther addiction and have come up with rationalizations already (and I’ve only been around for 20+ days)!!

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My name is loser and I’m a Fluther addict.

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@loser – you have over 12k lurve… that’s not addiction, that’s devotion! :-)

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I can stop anytime

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With over 10k it is important to my internet life, that I continue my quest for more lurve.

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Yes, sadly another addiction to add to my long list.

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“I need a pig here” / Queen of Hearts


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That’s why I’m on here now, instead of being snuggled up on the sofa next to my beloved!!

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Yes. My name is Trillian and I’m a Fluther addict. Blame it on having non tv to watch Jeopardy once a day.

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Nah, I’ve left before. I certainly do enjoy it, though.

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maybe… When I have spare time to use the internet… guess where I’m headed…

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I believe that an addiction rarely if ever applies to something beneficial. If someone is letting Fluther get in the way of their responsibilities then maybe so!

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I come on every day. When I miss a few hours, I don’t mind too much. One day I had my laptop in for refurbishing, and because of that I missed out on the circumnavigator award. It’s kind of strange in a way, because I was on every single day for months on end before the awards were offered, but apparently that didn’t count.

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@YARNLADY well I am glad I’d miss your comments and most of the others too!!

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I was but nowadays I mearly visit.

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