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Can anyone recommend a decent GPS?

Asked by philosopher (9207points) March 29th, 2010

I am looking for your opinions on a GPS that is reliable.

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I have never had any problems with the GPS within my Android mobile phone. I am sure there are much more expensive ones but the one I have includes Google Maps and has been 100% reliable. It even has turn by turn voice directions.

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I like TomTom for driving. Reasonably priced and maps have just been updated end 2009.

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I have the Garmin Nuvi 200W and it works well. Very happy with it. No traffic alerts though like some of the newer models have.

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I have the Garmin Nuvi and it is fantastic! I can’t tell you how many times that thing has gotten me out of traffic jams. It’s a gem and I don’t think I could live without it.

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You didn’t say what you want the GPS to do. There are GPS handhelds for traffic and basic directions as above, there are GPS for marine use, there are GPS units for geocaching and other outdoor activities, they each have different features . . .

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I recommend one that tells you the street names, not just “make next left”. My garmin 750 does that.

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We may go some place now that the nicer weather is coming; and I do not enjoy getting lost.
Does anyone know prices?
Can I buy on line and where?

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garmin nuvi for me too! love the interface and features!

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I recommend the garmin 60csx handheld over anything, unless you’re looking for a car gps. I’ve used the 60csx for years all over the world, and it has never failed me.

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You weren’t super specific in your question, so in case you meant GPS modules for a hardware project you’re working I’d recommend reading up on this:

I’d recommend these two:

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TomTom and Garmin Nuvi are good for the price. They both have a variety of models with different features and screen sizes.

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The Garmin has a model that I like very much, the 265 TW which has lifetime free traffic reports for the price of having a little ad for Great Western Motels pop up once every few days for a minute. I don’t even notice it. Traffic is a very useful feature, especially around Manhattan.

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There are several areas where GPS units excel or fail. They are all similar with regard to features, the mapping etc., some use spoken street names, some just turn directions. I have (in different vehicles) both types and don’t really find one superior to the other – as long as I know where to turn I don’t really care what the name of the street is. In fact looking for street signs to confirm that the GPS is indicating the correct street can be a distraction. My biggest issues aside from calculation speed and accuracy are traffic reports and speed compliance (lets you know if you are exceeding the speed in a particular area). The POI (Points of interest) are handy – closest service station, retail or service outlet etc.

The real noticeable differences are in the speed of recalculation (nothing is worse than approaching a potential turn after changing direction (traffic obstruction – missed turn etc.) while the device is “thinking” and not providing direction, and the menu system. Those that have intuitive menus systems are the ones that excel. There are magazines devoted to “road tests” and specification & price comparisons. I suggest that you invest in one.

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It’s easier to put maps and new voices on TomToms, so I’d go with one of the new TomTom widescreens.

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I’d take Garmin over anything. Just a personal preference from having owned a couple of them.

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