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What is a good research site that has citations in it?

Asked by troubleinharlem (7978points) March 29th, 2010

I’m looking for a good website with literary criticisms (preferably Wuthering Heights) and analytical essays. I’ve been searching online for about an hour, and I keep getting essays that are used for cheating… anyone have any sites that I can use?

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@janbb knows a lot about research and literature. It’s a holiday evening for her, but I will send her this, and maybe she can tell you tomorrow.

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I got a bunch of hits on google using:
“Wuthering Heights” criticism .edu. Can’t
say if it helps.

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When are you kids going to do your own homework? We had to actually go to the library and read actual books. You can type in a few keystrokes and come up with billions of bits of information. You have tools that most of us never even dreamed of having.
Use them and stop being lazy.

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@SeventhSense Unless you’re kidding, that seems unfair to me. What she’s asking for is help winnowing out the shit sites from the productive ones, and that’s actually a very good question to ask.

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@SeventhSense see the new guidelines

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Your best bet would be to use a data base provided by your school or public library. Sometimes you can access these from home . A few to try would be; literary resource center and literature research center or Jstor. Try looking at your library’s homepage and see if you can get to one of these. There is also a website called that should help and the library should have a set called 19th Century Literary Criticism that would be very useful. On the web, look for sites with an .edu extension. Good luck! Oh – also try searching “Google Scholar.”

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[mod says:] Above quip removed at user request.

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User says: Stupid iPhone! ^^

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@janbb I got a chuckle out of that

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Yes suppose I was hasty. My apologies to @troubleinharlem, she’s more conscientious them I’m giving her credit for. I guess it was a knee jerk response.

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@SeventhSense : I had done that, but I was at home when I posted this and wasn’t able to get back to the school library. Besides, it was closed. Furthermore, I was searching online for essays, but it gave me essays that were supposed to be bought, and that would be cheating. But thank you for apologizing. (:

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