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Has anyone tried to guess what the white awards on Fluther are based on?

Asked by anartist (14779points) March 29th, 2010

They intrigue me, and when I noticed [alas, sometimes belatedly] I got one I tried to relate it to what I had just done. I have a few speculations and I wonder if others do. Or is this too much like telling your little sister that there is no Santa Claus and no Easter Bunny?

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I think it’s a no no to tell.
if you know that is

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I let out a secret once and it was [removed by Fluther moderators]

I know what the pilgrim is, and kinda what the feeding frenzy is. But my perfecto-fish awards are a mystery.

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Fluther has a “Don’t Ask,Don’t Tell ” policy on that matter ~

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I figured them all out except Cake and Robot. Those are still bugging me!

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Beats me.
And drives me a bit crazy too.

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Am I the only one who got the Bald Jewfish?

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I know them all! Shortly after the awards were released, many of us discussed it in the chat room and figured it out. But revealing it on a public thread isn’t allowed.

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@dpworkin It seems to be hidden on my list of possible awards, so if I got it, I don’t know it. Wow. Invisible awards. Even better than [redacted] white awards.

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@PnL How was it made know that it wasn’t allowed? A thunderbolt from on high? A news blast?

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@anartist I just told you!

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Over and over, all the time, ever since they started, I’m still trying to get the frizzer thing.

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For the few that I figured out how to get was told how to get, the methods are way too…obscure, and en l’air for me to even begin guessing for the others…dun got much of an imagination, sorry.

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what is a white award??

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I think they mean the silver ones at the bottom of the awards list.

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I believe know how to get all of the awards, they’re fairly straight forward, they just seem tricky. If you use the site fully – you’ll get them all. I have almost all of the awards, I think. The one that’s pissing me off is Old Timer, I have two theories, and if I get it at any point, then it will solve that nicely.

Lots of people try to figure them out, but no one tells…not out loud on a thread or anything.

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I think the best way would be to guess and post, if it gets moderated, you’ve probably nailed it.

The only one I got is the perfecto-fish…....

Funny thing is, I just googled ‘perfecto-fish award fluther’ and landed here PMSL.


Hey, I just thought, maybe you get one by asking the fluther collective what one is?......

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