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What should I do about the food my dad cooked that I don't like?

Asked by honeybunches (38points) March 29th, 2010

My dad cooked a lot of food yesterday and I don’t like it. I don’t want to waste it cuz he’s against us wasting food and throwing it away and I also don’t want to hurt his feelings haha.

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Suck it up. You do not have to sail through life “liking” things.

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Pretend you like it and see if the dog will eat it under the table while you keep dad occupied…


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Don’t eat it?

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Buy him a cook book of meals you would eat.

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Depending on what it is you could restyle it with other stuff and give it to him for breakfast, lunches and dinner until it’s gone. If he asks then be truthful you don’t care for it but also don’t want to see it wasted.

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Offer to do the cooking so he doesn’t make any more crap.

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Do you have elderly grandparents nearby or a bachelor brother off in his own apartment? Perhaps you could suggest sharing a dish of it with grandma (or something like that). He may think you are sharing his wonderful cooking out of selfless maturity. (Hopefully.)

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Tell him the truth. How is someone supposed to improve their cooking if you don’t tell them they are doing it poorly? You don’t have to be mean about it and say “this sucks!” but you can be honest and tell him that you don’t like it. I mean, sometimes people don’t like things. Revelation of the century. If your dad understands basic human preferences, he’ll understand.

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if you act uninterested and push it around on your plate and don’t eat it, he’ll probably not make you. I can tell when my kids don’t like it and I don’t make them eat it. They take a few bites, push it around, ask to be excused then go hide in their rooms. I don’t make it a big deal , I think he won’t either

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Feed it to your duck.

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lol well he is only cooking cuz my mom had to work late a few nights soooo yea haha

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Disguise it and eat it and hope the next meal is better.

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Just eat it. Sometimes you have to do things like that to spare someones feelings. Then one day inform your dad that you dont like it. He probobly wont fix it anymore. We all have different taste. All you can do is let him know before he fixes it but you are stuck with this one. Be a trooper and eat it this time lol.


You can tell him so, but make the extra effort to eat it, even if you dislike it. I’m sure it’s not a bowl of cherries having to cook for everyone——planning the meals, preparing them, and cooking them——so the least you can do is try your best to eat most of it. When I was a kid, we didn’t have much and money was scarce, and even when I hated what my Mom cooked for me, I still tried my best to eat it. I knew how hard she toiled all day doing the housework and finally putting supper on the table for us kids. It’s a sacrifice, one that should be respected, and not dismissed just because you don’t “like it”. If it made you physically ill to eat it, then that’s more legitimate, but just because the food is disagreeable to your palate doesn’t warrant not eating it, considering the time and energy your Dad spent in making it.

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Take it to the homeless shelter and you get a receipt you be able to get a tax deduction !

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Put in enough pepper and hot sauce. You may not be able to taste it anymore.

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I agree completely with @DominicX, just be tactfully honest with your dad and suggest some foods you would eat, even offer to help him make the food… I would not say anything that will discourage him from cooking, it’s great that your father is cooking for his family… remember also that members of the same family often like different foods, sometimes we need to forgo exactly what we feel like eating at that particular moment and go with the flow, in the knowledge that it will be your turn to choose the menu tomorrow perhaps…

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Eat everything he makes and offer to help him cook next time.
My dad is also strict about wasting food. If I disliked what he made, he would tell me that I just wasn’t hungry.

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